Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 15-16

Episodes 15-16

There was nothing much worth mentioning this week. There were no highlights and everything is just exposition. Although Good Doctor finally broke the 20% margin. Looks like someone is gonna bag this year’s KBS Awards. Anyway, this week’s theme is love and acceptance. We have several clusters that prove that point.

We’ve got the romance department for one. I feel like the love development went into overdrive this week. Not complaining but it feels forced. I’m glad Yoon Seo and Shi On were able to clear things up and leave the awkwardness behind. Their loveline is still in the friendship stage but there’s hope because it’s left open-ended with Shi On wanting to do more even if Yoon Seo will not reciprocate. Although Yoon Seo has become more conscious of Shi On’s presence. It’s a bit shocking how she got jealous of Chae Kyung’s closeness with Shi On.

Then there’s Jin Wook who thinks In Young is still worth loving more so because of her dedication to her sister. Even if the line of work is lowly, he still sees In Young for who she is. Awww, he’s so sweet. If only In Young could see this side of him….. I just hated how Shi On had to tell it to In Young how much Jin Wook loves her. The quote on that he will develop the necessary qualifications in time. It would have been better if she realized it herself. The gesture was kind but not needed.

Then we have Chae Kyung and Do Han, who looks more like a couple now. There goes my Do Han x Yoon Seo ship.  When Chae Kyung finally finds out the truth, she’s become more pensive. It didn’t become a heartbreaking moment like I thought it would be. I seriously thought she would want revenge against Chairman Jeong for using her. Yet we see something more pitiful because she erased not only the bad ones but even the good ones. She told Do Han, she’s nothing but an empty shell. What’s good about someone who is empty? This is probably the reason why the love she had for Do Han was missing. It’s good Do Han has moved on from his personal fears and can support her properly just as fiancée should do. It’s lovely how they can properly comfort and care for one another now.

It’s kinda cute that Do Han used the stethoscope that Shi On gave. It’s nice that it has a purpose narratively. I think the act of using it proves how warm Do Han has become. Apparently, he’s not the only one changing….

It’s good that Shi On stood up against the father saying he’s a doctor and knows what the prescription is for his father. I love the scene where he is stronger than the father and knows what he is trying to protect. It took awhile to gain that courage but it was worth the investment.

We’ve got our usual take subplots to discuss. I’m pretty disappointed with this week’s content because it’s so inorganic to the overarching plot. We have the brief stint where the culprit entering the hospital room. It seemed rather fantastic. What’s his reason to silence the child? It puts him more at risk so why do it? We do get to see a good cliffhanger and proof of Do Han’s heroics. But I think this is just a piece used to drive Chae Kyung and Do Han to patch things up.

I also don’t like the sudden introduction of the case of Assistant Director’s son. It feels like a random piece. Is the purpose to justify all the wrong Assistant Director has done? Why is Good Doctor trying to make all the evil people be actually good? No, it does not the type where we see shades of gray and lots of layers because the character is not conflicted. Although I shall accept this only because it will definitely provide good insights. We have the whole hospital politics that complicate the situation. It’s a matter of trust. Can Assistant Director trust them knowing what they are capable of? It’s harder for him because he knows if he gives them his consent and it doesn’t work out, it’s like he handed out his son to the butcher. Ok graphic image but I hope my point is clear.

Then there’s also hints that this father-son pair know Shi On. There seems to be some relation with the dad as well. I wonder what this story has in store for us. 

Finally, the third and final cluster, we’ve got the minor characters. First off, Chief Go is redeeming himself. It’s cute how he’s going out of his way to know more about Shi On and protecting him. I think he likes to think of himself as Shi On’s second father. lol. Of course, it doesn’t right his wrongs but he’s definitely trying to go back to the kind of doctor he wanted to become in the first place. It looks like he gave up on gaining higher positions and is focusing on the depth of what he was- a surgeon. Shi On was the one who made him remember why exactly he become a doctor.

Then we have In Hae. I just have to say Kim Hyun Soo is a budding child actress. I think she’ll fill have a great career. She just needs a breakthrough role that Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun had. Back to the main point, it was difficult for her to accept that her donor is her own sister. She doesn’t want to take away anything more from the precious people she has because she feels she doesn’t deserve any of it. That dream-like state of seeing a healthy In Hae is a foreshadowing of her death. I love In Hae and inasmuch as I don’t want her to die, I think her death would bring some meaning to this drama. Her death is the first death we’ll probably cry over since we’ve grown attached to her character. Not to mention, it’s a great way to develop Jin Wook and In Young’s love line and heighten the Assistant Director’s son’s case. You know, how can you trust them if they let a long-time monitoring patient die on them. But seeing how the drama works to bring happy endings, I think she’ll live and this will just be another bogus fake-out of a cliffhanger. Yes, I’m tired of your antics drama. You should be glad I haven’t written in a snark tone yet. But please give me something to believe that the 20% ratings was worth giving.

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