Best and Worst Animes of Summer 2013

Surprisingly this has been the best Summer season I’ve seen. It was especially good coming from a flat Spring season. Since I’ve been watching less anime due to my busy workload, I think it would be unfair to rank a top and bottom 3. I’ll be following this format for the next seasons as well.


Gin no Saji

This anime has been consistent since the first episode. It has good touch with light comedy and mixing this with the realities that farmers truly face. The soundtrack is also outstanding with fun characters to boot. Another masterpiece from Arakawa-sensei.


Danganropa: The Animation

This is why I don’t really game-adaptation. The premise was great but the execution could have been so much more. The animation is quite a let-down already but what’s more dismaying is the tone. It’s not established well enough. I did not sense any fear nor mystery to the anime. I felt like the characters were just going through the motions to go through from one plot point to another.


Danganropa: The Animation

I think the reasons I stated above should suffice.


Uchouten Kazoku

I wasn’t even going to watch this at first but I trust P.A. Works to deliver and they did. This is a very poignant, poetic and mysterious anime. It has a lovely melancholic tone as it weaves together events that affect this family.


Rozen Maiden 2013

This has a more watercolor effect than the original series. I think the impact of the visuals to the story was great.


Hachiken Yuugo (Gin no Saji)

He has the most hilarious reactions. I love how human he is. He’s vulnerable because of pressure and fear just like any of us. It’s interesting how he sees the agricultural field in a manner of awe and disbelief.


Yasaburo and Benten (Uchouten Kazoku)

Their relationship has a lot of chemistry because I feel the sexual tension. It’s an obvious unrequited crush on Yasaburo’s part. But the way he wants to reach out and be on Benten’s level yet keeping his distance and restraining his feelings is just lonely imagery. Benten does care about him to a certain degree because she manages to help him out in sticky situations. There’s a lot of depth and history with their story that’s fun to explore. I wouldn’t mind an anime spin-off focusing on these two.

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