Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 17-18

Episodes 17-18

This week’s episodes were all machinations to get emotional pay-offs and fanservice. Why do we have those in the first place? It’s because that’s what sells. This is the sad landscape of dramas right now. As long as it’ll bring some money, it’s ok to sacrifice this story. I think this is he reason why I’m not as invested in this drama as I like to be. It’s good only because it’s sticking to what is mainstream. But I do appreciate the effort. I like the cheeky comedy that these episodes had to offer.

I’ll begin by discussing the bigger plot and where they place the emotional stuff. We have the case of Dong Goo. I personally that it would have more at stake since they were overplaying his mysteriousness last week. I didn’t how Dong Goo was treated as a convenient way to close the loose ends with Shi On’s past. I appreciate that he’s sincerely sorry but did he have to only say sorry when he needed Shi On’s help with his son’s operation? I would have liked it more if they allowed Shi On to dwell on the conflict whether to forgive him or not. Do Han made a good point that he shouldn’t forgive if he’s asking to make himself comfortable… which I think was how the drama portrayed it more. But ok, let’s not be so fixated with this. I’m happy that Dong Goo is trying to be a good father. It’s like repayment for all the wrong he done as a kid.

We’ve seen lots of characters grow in the course of this show. My favorite part this week: Chief Go’s return to the operating room. I love his character so much. He’s such a vulnerable simpleton who just got lost along the way due to his genius class . It took a lot of courage when he decided to face all his fears and doubts. He’s starting to believe that he’s got it in him all along. He doesn’t need to feel inferior about his skill. I love that it was Shi On who assisted him in the operation. It like his courage personified.  That look when he was wavering and chose to cling on was the best.

Then Chief Go’s greatest moments doesn’t stop there. He gives Il Kyu a pep talk on not giving up because he sees the potential in him. It was great how he’s using his pain and suffering to guide young residents who lost their path like him. I had to replay that scene thrice because it hit home. Sometimes, you just need a little push from someone to get you moving. There’s something magical about not wanting to disappoint the people who believe in you. It really gave Il Kyu something to ponder on.

We also see changes in Do Han. He has gotten a lot more compassionate and approachable. Do Han’s speech about going after a different dream was beautiful. Even though one door has closed, there will always be another one that will open. It’s just a matter of finding it. Joon Yeong is quite mature to be able to understand those words and bear the pain.

And of course, last but not the least our hero, Shi On. It’s nice to see everyone is used to Shi On’s presence already and doesn’t think of his autism as a hindrance. I was beginning to get worried that aspect took a backseat in the story. Thankfully, that’s not the case. It’s hard to see that the guardian doesn’t want you to be the doctor. Yet, Shi On doesn’t get disheartened and give in to incessant worries. He become more confident in his medical skills and appreciates who he is as a person.

Seems like the Assistant Director is finally seeing the difference how much the doctors’ care touches their patient lives. Just when he was about to trust them, of course, Do Han had to mess up in the last minute. It’s times like this that the drama fails me. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand why Do Han hid the pain from the stab wound in the first place. It’s so unlike him to do so. The writer is making doctors commit mistakes they don’t normally do. There are better ways of getting some suspense in the drama but ok I shall buy the scenario since the plot points weren’t randomly placed.

Now for the fanservice portion! It’s probably safe to say that our romance department will all get their happy endings. With Do Han and Chae Kyung they have begun to remember all the good times with each other. I’m guessing we’ll have a wedding with Yoon Seo catching the bouquet for the finale?

Yoon Seo obviously likes Shi On but she doesn’t even want to believe and admit right out. I’m surprised with all her attempts to woo Shi On back to her. The dinner date would have been really cute if Blurred Lines wasn’t playing. Seriously, what’s the craze with that song in Korea right now? It’s used in the most totally inappropriate scenes. It was so so so awkward hearing it with dialogues that don’t match the mood. Well, regardless I like Moon Chae Won’s mischievous look in that scene. It’s a subtle way of saying come get me boy. Well Shi On has been so passive that even her attempt to make him jealous by dressing up doesn’t even work. LOL.

In Hae’s gesture by telling Yoon Seo that Shi On is in pain and is not good at expressing his feelings. It’s just a nice roundabout circle, reminiscent of what Shi On did for Jin Wook. I’m glad Yoon Seo is wrestling the realization of her romantic feelings towards Shi On. Moon Chae Won is displaying some fine acting. I can feel all the awkwardness and restraint in Yoon Seo. She wants to say to give in to her feelings but there are so much other factors to consider. The most important being a social outcast for ending up with a disabled person.

In Young and Jin Wook’s loveline have similarities to that of Shi On. In Young thinks almost like Shi On.  She is very self-conscious. She doesn’t want to become a burden to her future lover so it’s better to stay away. But Jin Wook explains that won’t happen and relates it with an analogy she could understand. I’m pretty sure we’ll have an open-ended relationship with In Young allowing Jin Wook to date her. It was cute how she asked how Jin Wook was feeling. That’s a first step.

I hope we get a good finale week with lots more LOL moments like this. It’s priceless.

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