Kyoukai no Kanata First Impressions


Fall starts out with the anime I’m looking forward to the most!


Expectations: High

Verdict: Great!


Summary: Akihito was about to stop Mirai for committing suicide but instead was stabbed. He did not die because he’s half-youmu. Apparently, Mirai is the last survivor of the Spirit World Warrior clan who transforms their blood to weapons. Mitsuki, his childhood friend gives him a warning to avoid interaction because they are a hated clan. Except Mirai would not stop stabbing Akihito. Apparently she is using him as practice since she can’t kill a youmu.


Thoughts: That was an almost perfect episode. My only problem with the anime was the pitch of the voice. It’s too high. Although this is just a personal preference since the delivery was spot-on. The narration was pretty animated and it’s the not usual one that tries to make a point. The plot as I hoped was the real driving force. It was pretty edging promising great fight scenes and a little bit of gore in the future. It really helps to have lovely visuals from KyoAni. It’s so crisp and detailed. The main characters don’t stand out but at least don’t know fall on stereotypical level. Their interaction was quite funny and I think they would make a good team in the future. There’s lots of mysteries to uncover and I’ll enjoy doing so.


Initial Rating: 9.5/10


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