Medical Top Team

I’m not interested in this drama but I love Jung Ryeo Won and she looks absolutely stunning in the stills so I decided to cover the preview. 

Medical Top Team, whose very literal title describes what the show is exactly about. It will showcase the best and brightest from each medical specialty gathered together to work as a team in one hospital. At the helm are PD Kim Do-hoon (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) and writer Yoon Kyung-ah (Brain). Medical Top Team follows Two Weeks and premieres October 9 on MBC.


Kwon Sang-woo (Yawang) He plays Park Tae Shin, the confident cardiothoracic surgeon who leads special team of the best medical professionals in each specialization. Despite his brilliant brain, he’s always misunderstood as an arrogant and mean guy due to his straightforward personality and attitude. Sometimes his bold moves make others uncomfortable and his mischievous behavior makes him look materialistic as if he doesn’t have any sincerity. But in fact, he has a pure and warm heart although he pretends to be cynical. He is clumsy to share his feeling with others and treats his close friends curtly but maybe it’s because of the sad memories about his childhood when he was abandoned by his parents as soon as he was born. He has been working for almost 6 months without pay in Paran Hospital, a free clinic which is ran by Hwang Cheol Goo, and when he is now about to leave back for the U.S., something unexpected stops him.


Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas) She plays Seo Joon Young, a thoracic surgeon with a strong charisma yet warm, human touch. She’s a perfectionist and has an ambitious side, as befits her elite doctor status.


 Joo Ji-hoon (Five Fingers) He plays Han Seung Jae, an internist whose mild-mannered appearance hides his heart-of-ice interior. He uses the team as a launching pad to become the director of the entire hospital.


Oh Yeon-seo (Oh Ja-ryung Is Coming) She plays Choi Ah Jin, a thoracic surgeon with only two years of experience under her belt. She’ll be the spirited young member of the team with big hopes and dreams.


Min-ho (To The Beautiful You) He plays maknae, Kim Sung Woo.


Kim Ki-bang (Gu Family Book) He plays a scary disciplinarian in the hospital, famous for dragging interns down to the basement to mete out epic punishments.

Jo Woo Ri (Sirius) She plays a young and talented nurse in the surgical team.






ÀÇÇеå¶ó¸¶¡´¸ÞµðÄà žÆÀ¡µ»þÀÌ´Ï ¹ÎÈ£ ±Ç»ó¿ì¿Í ÇüÁ¦°°Àº ¸ð½À ¿¬ÃâÀÇÇеå¶ó¸¶¡´¸ÞµðÄà žÆÀ¡µ»þÀÌ´Ï ¹ÎÈ£¸¦ ¹Ù¶óº¸´ ¿À¿¬¼­






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