Coppelion First Impressions

This was part of the shows I originally wanted to watch this Fall but I didn’t think a lot of people actually was looking forward to it. So I decided to pick this up instead of Log Horizon.

 Expectations: Low- Moderate

Verdict: Middling

Summary: Ibara reports to the Vice Principal the surroundings of Ward 23. Men in mask were wondering how they could they survive the environment. The dogs they encountered were apparently dangerous. They left Taeko alone with one. It ends with Ibara and Aoi going to search and save Taeko.

Thoughts: This is obviously a dark and apocalyptic show. The colors match that the tone that this anime gives. It’s interesting how the art is almost like Shingeki no Kyojin except in a milder form of intensity. As for the story, it feels bland right now. I’m only interested because of Aoi’s character. It looks like she wants to deny what was tasked of them. She knows they can’t be considered human because of the genetic modifications done to her but she wants to cling to that what makes her human. I like that dilemma a lot, it provides a lot of fodder for great discussions. It would be interesting if they gave a backstory as to how the world turned out like that. I don’t think a nuclear explosion like the synopsis said would leave the place still brimming with abandoned structures. I think the scars are deeper than that.

Initial Rating: 7/10

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