Future Choice aka Marry Him If You Dare

I think this will be the best from all the October dramas. I love Yoon Eun Hye and possibly seeing her in a much interesting role is just great! Although it got a name change to Marry Him If You Dare, I still prefer the former title Future Choice.

Future Choice is yet another time-slip drama but this time it’s is set in the broadcast television world. The plot is about a broadcast writer who meets her past self on purpose to start giving herself life advice. She traveled back in time particularly to stop herself from marrying Lee Dong-gun’s character.  The drama comes from writer Hong Jin-ah (The King 2 Hearts) and PD Kwon Gye Hong (Crime Squad). Future Choice will be a Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS to follow Good Doctor, which puts its premiere on October 14.


Yoon Eun-hye (I Miss You) She plays Na Mi Rae, who starts out as a low level call center agent who is quite good at her job.  Her bright and lovable outward appearance masks her disappointment though she brushes it aside by chanting to herself, “I’m okay!. ” She just kind of scrapes by in life especially after scoring the lowest ever in a matchmaking center. But one day her future self appears in front of her and starts her down a path to pursue the things she really wanted in life. This is the reason why she decides to switch jobs to pursue her dream of writing dramas. She meets Kim Shin there and suffers because of him. Listening to Ahjumma’s advice, she’s starting to look at the scrawny guy more and more.

Lee Dong-gun (When Night Comes) He plays Kim Shin, YBS’s star announcer where he produces and is the lead announcer for “Good Morning with Kim Shin”. He can be prickly and tactless yet is also a highly principled and upright.  If things don’t go his way, he unleashes his wrath immediately. He meets Mi Rae after a car accident and keeps her by his side, scared she won’t pay for the damages.

Jung Yong-hwa (You’ve Fallen For Me) He plays Park Se Joo, the handsome and talented VJ who went to film school in the States. He’s actually the grandson of the broadcast network’s CEO who set to inherit the entire station. He’s described as a smooth operator who dreams of building a media conglomerate that does everything from film to TV. Although he is pulling an undercover boss move by pretending to be a lowly VJ. He is rather easy-going with his co-workers but underneath he’s a very serious and determined guy. He discreetly points out any behavior that might damage the company. He is keen on details down to the menial tasks.


Han Chae Ah (All About Romance) She plays Seo Yoo Kyung, a stylish reporter on a morning show, who is cute and lovable, but also smart and cunning. She is known for her aegyo-charm. She has an ambitious attitude that makes her track down her story no matter what. This determination is applied even in her personal life as seduces different men. Only Se Joo doesn’t fall for it.

Choi Myung-gil (I Summon You, Gold) She plays Future Mi Rae. She’ll actually be the one to travel back in time to her former 32-year old self, to try and change the outcome of her life. She claims to live a difficult life after her marriage with Future Kim Shin. She has a lot of presence and energy. She does everything to end her fate with Kim Shin and push Mi Rae and Se Joo together. She even uses YBS Chairman Miranda for this purpose.

Go Doo Shim (The Best Lee Soon Shin) She plays Se Joo’s doting halmoni, YBS Chairman Miranda.

Oh Jung Se (I Miss You)

Lee Jung Hyuk (I Hear Your Voice).










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