Little Busters: Refrain First Impressions

Another Key creation! I personally didn’t like the first season but here’s to hoping that this one will make up for it. 


Expectations: Low

Verdict: Middling


Summary: Little Busters had a pancake party. While cleaning up, Riki gets some warnings that ‘it’ will disappear. The next day there was trouble when Kudd’s things had thumb stacks on it. Komari’s things were also ruined. Kurugaya knew it was because of the girls’ who had a grudge on her. She threatened them so that they can never go near her friends again. Little Busters covered up for Kurugaya so she wouldn’t get into trouble.


Thoughts: It’s great that it starts out with a trademark Little Busters episode. It’s definitely full of random silliness we’ve seen from the last season. Yet I do sense a foreboding that their days of fun are limited. That dark prologue before the opening song made an impact definitely. The uneasiness is sustained throughout the episode. But once more, the power of friendship wins the day! I’m not impressed with the first episode since this felt like a rehash of stuff we’ve already discussed in the first season. I’m more curious with the questions that Riki keeps thinking to himself. I want to dwell on those more but I know we’re just being teased with what this season has to offer. I need answers before I stop with my reservations.


Initial Rating: 6/10



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