More Heirs Goodies!

To make up for the week that I disappeared, I’ll actually add to the Heirs pictures I’ve already posted…. which I rarely do! I had to make a separate post because it’ll take too much to load the other one if ever. 


Lee Min-ho (Faith) He plays Kim Tan, the heir of Empire Group. His mother is the mistress of the Chairman of the Empire Group. The Chairman lives with Kim Tan’s mother and is separated from his legally married wife. Their corporation was powerful that his friends all bowed down to him. He was arrogant until he realized that it’s his older half-brother, Kim Won is the actual prince. Kim Won sent him to study in the States but he knows that it’s a way to exile him. For 3 years, he found peace but loneliness was always by his side. He wanted to return to Korea but only found the courage to do so when he met Eun Sang.


Park Shin-hye (Flower Boy Next Door) She plays Cha Eun Sang who grew up with Yoon Chan Young. Her deaf mute mother is the housekeeper of the Kim family that owns the vast Empire Group. Since she was small, she took care of mother. She’s embarrassed and to be seen with her mother in public and the fact she can’t travel abroad because of her several part-time jobs. She’s a strong and sunny person but in the recesses of her heart, there’s a small corner that is resentful. Eun Sang has an older sister living in Australia who lied to her about getting married to a rich guy. It’s in Australia, she has encounters Kim Tan. Because that fateful meeting, she decides to transfer to the Empire High School where she claims to be the heiress of the poor. She and Kim Tan like each other.

Kim Woo-bin (School 2013) He plays Choi Young Do, older brother of Rachel Ryu. He is also the heir to a resort conglomerate. He is calculating and adept in tricks. He used to be close to Kim Tan until he found out that Kim Tan was an illegitimate child. He hated how his father went from one woman to another after the forced divorce of his parents.









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