Nagi no Asukara First Impressions


I’m so sorry for all the late first impressions posts but exams had to come first. Luckily, I started out with another great premiere.


Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Great


Summary: Hikari rushes to meet his friends who he forces to wear their former uniform to show how the sea people shouldn’t be underestimated just because their school were going to be integrated. On their way to school, Manaka had a fateful meeting with Tsumugu. History goes that everyone started as sea people but become too enamored with land. The priests were planning how to celebrate their Boatdrift Festival. The following day, Manaka gets cursed by Lord Uroku.


Thoughts: This show has some world-building and different kinds of creatures that is similar with PA Work’s previous offering, Uchouten Kazoku. This definitely is different in the sense there’s less mystery and more light-hearted tone. This is probably because of the romance we’re introduced to. It’s quite cute seeing how rash Hikari is but still has a caring heart. He obviously has a crush on Manaka and looks like he doesn’t want to admit it. He is the typical loud-mouthed lead character with immense pride and a competitive attitude. On the other hand, Manaka is too conscious about Tsumugu’s presence. She wants to look her best especially since they’re regarded as lesser people. Chiasaki has a hidden crush on Hikari but can’t ever act on it because she knows that he likes Manaka. Anyway, the heart of this episode was how Hikari had difficulty accepting that Manaka’s heart is slipping away from him. He’s so used to having her by his side but because of the surface people who he hates, he loses her. That’s like double whammy. Ouch, why does first love have to hurt that bad. But I like this show, it has a lot of potential.


Initial Rating: 9.5/10


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