Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta First Impressions


It’s been awhile since I saw the original series but I can say that has a vastly different style. 

Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Middling


Summary: It’s the Sakura Festival in town. They explain the special characteristics of the town to a little girl named Lily who got lost. Lightning surrounds the city and transforms the poi into giant fishes, which causes catastrophe. The team manages to control the situation. Lily apparently works for the bad guys.


Thoughts: I prefer the sharper and more detailed art of the original series although the fluidity of the movements are better portrayed here. Nothing spectacular happened because the series is trying to refresh us with the setting and characters. I think this was a serviceable premiere but I’m not left wanting more. It’s kinda hard to live up to great titles of this Fall that’s already garnering a lot of attention.


Initial Rating: 7/10


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