Answer Me 1994

There’s barely any description or news about this drama yet there is a good number who are anticipating this follow-up drama to last year’s cable phenomenon Answer Me 1997It’ll be a campus-set drama in the era of the basketball craze and Seo Taiji and Boys, and promises the same kind of warm family drama that was at the heart of Answer Me 1997. Fangirl madness will still be at the center of the story as Go Ara plays center of the show as the basketball-loving daughter of the boardinghouse owners. She has a love line with leads Yoo Yeon-seok and Jung-woo.

PD Shin Won-ho, who is once again working with writer Lee Woo-jung, stated that he’ll be filming notable locations from each province. Answer Me 1994 premieres on October 18 for the new Friday-Saturday timeslot in tvN.


Yoo Yeon-seok (Gu Family Book) He plays Chil Bong Yi, the only one originally from Seoul. He loves baseball but found something new to love. He’s Dad’s star pitcher, and will develop a crush on Na-jung, whose strange mannerisms make him laugh.

Go Ara (Pace Maker) She plays Na Jung, a diehard basketball fan, who is particularly obsessed with basketball player Lee Sang-min. She is also the daughter of the owners of the boarding house. She is a brash and opinionated tomboy.

Jung-woo (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin) He plays Sseu Re Ki, Na Jung’s 24-year old unemployed, loser and hapless oppa. He dresses exclusively in tracksuits and also speaks in Busan. People mistake him for a beggar, thus is given the nickname “Trash”

Baro (B1A4) He plays Bing Geu Re, the quiet kid who’s stepping out on his own for the first time, and when his life choices aren’t dictated by his domineering father, he’ll have more questions than answers. He was forced to go to med school because that’s his dad’s dream.

Son Ho Joon (Coffee House) He plays Hae Tae who is from Suncheon and is part of the privileged young generation growing up wealthy and materialistic. He is roommates with Sham Chun Po. They argue every chance they get, but soon start to grow more and more alike, until they’re finally doing everything together like besties should.

Kim Sung-kyun (Hwa-yi) He plays Sham Chun Po, a 20-year old who gets mistaken as someone older. He is roommates with Hae Tae.

Min Da Hee (of the group Tiny-G) She plays Jo Yoon-jin, the Seo Taiji fangirl who mostly keeps to herself, and captures Hae-tae’s heart.

Sung Dong-il (Answer Me 1997) He plays the father of Na Jung. He runs a boardinghouse for Kyungsangdo kids transplanted in Seoul. He is also a baseball coach.

Lee Il-hwa (Answer Me 1997) She plays the mother of Na Jung. She runs the boardinghouse with her husband. She is described as a den mother.








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