Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 19-20

Episodes 19-20

The last two episodes felt too neatly tied together. There were a plethora of issues that needed to be resolved, which just did. I found the whole ordeal to be predictable and boring. I guess that’s probably why the last two episodes dipped in ratings. Well there’s really not much to say…..

Shi On is finally a full-fledged doctor that his peers can respect. It was a long journey but as long as the empathy and care of the patients are there that doctor can go far. I think Shi On deserves respect but he has so much bonuses.

For one, Shi On can’t believe that Yoon Seo actually likes him back. He’s still in disbelief that he had to repeatedly ask if she regrets her decision…. which she doesn’t. I would rather they leave the relationship open-ended just like how episode 18 ended. But of course, that won’t satisfy our viewers! Yoon Seo actually announces it to the world.

I appreciate how they showed people’s reactions to Yoon Seo and Shi On’s relationship. I thought they would keep it under the wraps longer and panic every moment they would get about it. But I got some good laughs at people’s skeptical reaction. I just think it’s too sudden.

Another is how Do Han offers to become his big brother. I like how they both see their brothers in each other. I think that was the best moment of the finale aside from Park Ki Woong’s cameo. He was so adorable as the blundering new intern. Hahaha I felt like Shi On learned how to become viper teacher because of Do Han. I just found the scene hilarious because of Gaksital images floating in my head.


Unfortunately, the side characters’ stories didn’t strike me as I would have hoped. Their storylines are just as important. I would like to point out how Chae Kyung is quite slow in fixing her mistakes. I like how she’s taking steps to repairing the relationship with her step-mother but she looked a total inefficient executive by letting Chairwoman Lee keep bowing her head for the money they need. Well the kinda bulldozed the whole hospital politics with even Assistant Director reverting back to the good side. They could have removed the whole politics aspect because they were the most boring and had no real impact to the larger plot. In the same way, the random family friend shouldn’t have appeared out of the blue.

I generally enjoyed Good Doctor. I think it was serviceable with lots of high and low moments. It doesn’t have enough re-watch value for me but the drama was fun until it lasted. There are glaring points I want to snark at but at the same time, there was enough threads that would have been material for interesting discussions.



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