Samurai Flamenco First Impressions


NoitaminA is always a good choice. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: Hazama is a model who cosplays into a hero of justice who got inspired by Haraki Sunshine during his childhood. He wants to grow up as a hero but there’s no job description for it. Hazama gets into trouble for it and Goto, a policeman gives him advice regarding it. He becomes fast friends with Goto who is the only one who knows his secret. Whenever Hazama tries to help out, he ends up getting attacked.


Thoughts: This has the old school animation that reminds me of Sakamichi no Apollon. Hazama is so hilarious maybe because he’s fighting for the hero shenanigan until the very end. Goto is at the short end of the stick, trying to protect him from this ridiculousness.  I had some good laughs with this one since I didn’t expect it to be like this. It’s pretty solid and I can’t even point out what is it I liked best. Let’s see what this has to offer us for two cours. I would love to see future threads how this superhero business will affect his job. Ahhh, pretty good stuff.


Initial Rating: 8.5/10



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