It has an interesting premise focusing on basketball instead of the independence movements in the 1930s. This is filled with newcomers and tvN has actually been quiet about the production that I’m not sure this gained enough popularity that it should.

Basketball, the period drama from tvN set in the 1940s that is about basketball in one sense, but really about so much more. This drama about young men who struggle to find a bright spot in the darkness of their times, and basketball becomes their hope, dream and a pathway to a better life. It follows their loves, conflicts, unity, and emotional victory, and includes the first and last time that Korea had a single national basketball team. It was right before the official division between North and South, when the team made history by advancing to the quarterfinals of the 1948 Olympics.

Basketball comes from director Kwak Jung-hwan (Chuno)is aiming to raise the bar on visual quality from his previous works, which were already fairly brimming with directorial style. This drama will run for 24 episodes wherein half of it will be pre-produced. Basketball will broadcast on October 21.


Do Ji-han (Incarnation of Money) He plays Kang San, who grew up in a dirt-poor village. He finds success through basketball, overcoming a life of hardship. He makes it all the way to the historic 1948 Olympic team that advanced to the quarterfinal round which was the first and last time a unified basketball team went to the Olympic Games representing the name “Korea.”

Jung Dong-hyun. He plays Min Chi-ho, a basketball star enjoying nationwide popularity. With his fame, he inspires pride and spirit in his compatriots in the midst of the difficulties suffered during the Japanese Occupation. He is Kang San’s rival both in basketball and love.

Newcomer Lee Elriya. She plays Choi Shin-young who comes from a rich family in Kyungsung (now Seoul) and attended school in Japan, after which she returns to Korea and begins working as a magazine reporter.

Gong Hyung-jin (All About My Romance)

Lee Han-wi (Level 7 Civil Servant)

Ahn Seok-hwan (Scandal)

Jo Hee-bong(Good Doctor)

Wonder Girls’ Ye-eun.







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