Future Choice First Impressions

The show I was looking forward to the most didn’t disappoint! 

Expectations: Moderate- High

Verdict: Great

Summary: Future Mi Rae appears before Present Mi Rae and she thinks Future Mi Rae is crazy. The car accident and work vacation gone according to Future Mi Rae’s plan and it got Present Mi Rae to believe in her. Future Mi Rae tries to make Present Mi Rae rethink her future while she’s actively trying to change her future husband. Present Mi Rae follows Future Mi Rae’s advice except instead of a civil servant, she’s fighting for her dream of being a broadcast writer. While getting reprimanded by Future Mi Rae, Present Mi Rae gets into a car accident with Kim Shin. Because of that incident, she was able to get in YBS and do the previews for the morning program. She gets to meet Se Joo there who happily helps her out and is glad to see the water girl again. Future Mi Rae finds out that she met both two men and is left feeling dismayed and happy at the same time. 

Thoughts: I’m quite disappointed that this premiered with dismal ratings considering its predecessor Good Doctor was the leader of the rating pack. The past two episodes were pretty solid but it was the second episode that sold me into the whole plot. Choi Myung Gil was a riot, she stole the show for me. I think her character is the most interesting one although don’t get me wrong, the others are just as well-written. So, so, so much awesome layers. Anyway, Future Mi Rae has all the funniest scenes. Seriously the match-making office one was my absolute favorite! Not to mention the whole story is anchored on the reason why Future Mi Rae wants to change the future so bad. There are hints that Shin killed someone. I thought before seeing the premiere that he cheated on her but I’m glad that once the case. With a death, there’s more story to it. It’s interesting also how Present Mi Rae and Future Mi Rae have different personalities. Present Mi Rae was always getting pushed around yet was still optimistic. On the other hand, Future Mi Rae has full control yet is just so jaded that she needs to change things. What happened in between? How did someone turn out to be like that? I’m glad Mi Rae is trying to gain a backbone at the same time is very introspective. She knows who she is and is trying for dear life to fight for that.


Wow, I must have a lot to say to be starting another paragraph but I need to comment on the second leads. I have to commend Jung Yong Hwa. That boy has improved and looks much more animated in this drama. There are still flaws in his acting but I think he’s learning. His character Se Joo is a typical second lead but what makes him so interesting was how he fell for Mi Rae. It’s always at the back of my mind that it would have Yoo Kyung if weren’t for Future Mi Rae’s actions. He’s a really nice guy who deserves the girl. He’s so principled and hard working, it’s so hard to hate him! Anyway, moving on…. I know a lot of people have been complaining how little screen time Han Chae Ah is getting. But it makes sense. She had an important role in the first timeline but that changed when she didn’t get to go to Jeju. So her role for now is not anymore important. But fate has a way of placing the destiny’s will in place. Surely, she will be integrated later on. I trust the writer. The plot is tightly written. There’s so much mysteries left to unravel and lots of areas for interesting discussions that I think we’re in for a good ride 🙂 I’m really curious how Future Mi Rae was given a chance to travel back. She slipped  in the first episode saying that “I’m breaking rules.” What exactly are these rules? Well this is just one point. There are lots of things still running in my head. I don’t think I have the time to give commentaries on this weekly. My workload for November is crazy and I hate giving late posts the most but I’ll definitely still keep watching this.

Initial Rating: 9/10

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