Weekly News Update: October 6, 2013 to October 19, 2013

I combined two weeks worth of news! Sorry for not posting anything last week! I was really busy.


  • Empress Ki (formerly called Hwatu) got more casting additions. Baek Jin-hee (I Summon You, Gold) plays the wife that Ji Chang-wook’s family has arranged for him to marry. She is be upset about the fact that he falls in love with another woman. She’ll face off with Ha Ji-won in an effort to be the Yuan emperor’s only love. Kim Seo-hyung plays the empress dowager who will be the heroine’s political rival as she holds the true power. Yoon Ah-jung (Hundred Year Inheritance) has been cast as a Yuan-born princess who gets married off to a Goryeo king and she’ll end up Joo Jin-mo’s stepmother. The 50-episode historical drama comes from the writing team behind History of the Salaryman and Giant, and follows Goddess of Fire Jung-yi on Mondays and Tuesdays this fall. It premieres October 28.
  • IU (The Best Lee Soon Shin) is reportedly considering taking on the role of the heroine. While Han Chae-young (Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek) is in talks for the second lead who known for her “goddess-like”. The drama will center around the hero’s path to finding both true love and his lost family, and also his progress in seducing ten women. The drama is based on a popular manhwa and will be written by the scriptwriter of The Gift of Room 7. Directing is PD Kim Young-jo of Cinderella’s SisterPretty Man will follow the currently airing Secret and will be KBS’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama beginning in November.
  • tvN’s hit romantic-comedy drama series,  I Need Romance is in the works for Season 3. Like the earlier two seasons, writer Jung Hyun-jung and PD Jang Young-woo will be at the helm and the show will run for 16 episodes. Season 3 will be a workplace rom-com set in a home shopping TV station, where the 33-year-old heroine works as a fashion marketing director. She’s described as not believing in love, though she’ll fall into a romance with a twentysomething co-worker who “dreams of a pure love” with her. There’s also a late-thirties senior colleague who fits into the love triangle. I Need Romance 3 will be casting soon and plans to begin filming in mid-November. It’s looking at the Monday-Tuesday timeslot to follow Basketball, which will close out this year for tvN, putting this drama’s premiere in January.
  • MBC is lining up its winter Wednesday-Thursday drama, helmed by the PD-writer team behind Pasta. It’s called Miss Korea, and it’s about a group of neighborhood ajusshis who set out to turn a young lady from their small town into the next Miss Korea. They are reportedly courting Lee Yeon-hee (Gu Family Book) to headline. Although so far only Lee Sung-min (Golden Time) has signed on to play one of the members of Team Beauty Queen. Miss Korea will follow Medical Top Team in December.
  • JTBC series Your Neighbor’s Wife centers around two couples living in the same apartment complex who’ve tired of their dull marriages. Then a “mysterious event” happens and sweeps up the four of them into a “secretive romance,” which is pretty vague as far as story descriptions go. Yeom Jung-ah (Royal Family) plays the mother of two and a successful careerwoman as the manager in an ad firm. Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Ambition) is on the other end of the spectrum, playing a full-time housewife whose only skills are in managing a home. But she’s not exactly a meek wallflower, because when confronted with her disparaging husband, she spits in his food and harbors vengeful thoughts. Your Neighbor’s Wife is directed by PD Lee Tae-gon (Queen Dowager Insoo) and a writing staff of four. The drama follows Her Legend and will be a Monday-Tuesday series premiering on October 14.
  • OCN’s newest crime procedural Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-young has delayed the original broadcast date. They need more time to complete it and raise its quality. The drama is being prepped for an early 2014 broadcast now, and reportedly continues to shoot. It’s a 10-episode original series from the PD of Arrest King and one of the writers of Joseon X-FilesGhost-Seeing Detective Cheo-young will air early next year on OCN.
  • Upcoming tvN period drama Basketball scheduled a preceding special broadcast in advance of Basketball’s premiere to help fill in the gaps about what the time was like before we jump into the drama proper.This is a documentary programmed specially for (prospective) viewers of Basketball, to help ground the world the show is set in and to set the stage for the historical events going on at the time. The Basketball documentary aired on Monday, October 14. Basketball will premiere the following week, on October 21.
  • Gold Rainbow just added Lee Jae-yoon (Heartless City) and Cha Ye-ryun (Royal Family) as UEE’s oppa and unni in the show, named Man Won and Chun Won respectively. UEE will be the one who brings this family together. She rescues Cha Ye-ryun’s character from a destitute, abusive home, and Lee Jae-yoon will join them when he realizes that the father who went out to sea isn’t ever coming back for him. As an adult, he’ll struggle with feelings for UEE’s character, which he tries to repress given that she grows up as his sister. Cha Ye-ryun will nurse a darker ambition fueled by her hatred of being poor. She’ll be jealous of her sister, and try to take everything she has. Gold Rainbow follows Saturday-Sunday drama Scandal and premieres in November.
  • Taecyeon (Who Are You) is in contention to star in the next drama titled Wonderful Season by melo scriptwriter Lee Kyung-hee (Nice Guy). KBS is prepping it up as the next weekend drama following King’s Family. The drama is also courting Lee Seo-jin (Grandpas Over Flowers) and Kim Hee-sun (Faith) to star. Wonderful Season will reunite writer Lee with Nice Guy’s PD Kim Jin-won and plans to launch in February.
  • Park Hae-jin (My Daughter Seo-young) confirmed that he’ll be signing on for Man From Another Star. He is slated to play the older brother of the character Yunho is being courted to play. He is described as the more proper second-generation chaebol who leads the family company. He’ll be a mysterious character, who seems perfect in every way on the outside, but leads two different lives between day and night. Man From Another Star replaces Heirs in December.

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