Secretly Greatly Impressions

2013 summer blockbuster hit

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling

Summary: Won Ryu Hwan was assigned to act as a dumb idiot for the past 2 years. Hae Rang and Hae Jin were both deployed in the area. The first half looks into their interactions with the villagers. The second half was more serious since North Korea decides to treat them as traitors and have them killed.

Thoughts: The concept of being betrayed by your country is very fresh and intriguing but there reason for why the North would have their spies killed is something I couldn’t understand. What did they do wrong? I believe it was lacking the anchor as to why fighting for the North is great. Should they accept such cruel fate because of their love for the country or live because that’s what any normal human would want? The first half of the movie was executed well enough. Although it would have been better if if this was in a drama format so we can flesh out the amazing side characters, who are quite interesting in their own ways. The second half failed me because it felt random and inorganic. It went serious but the ending left me wondering what was the point. The acting prowess and beautiful cinematography was present but the script failed me ultimately.

Rating: 7/10


One thought on “Secretly Greatly Impressions

  1. Initially I had high expectation with this one….I thought it will be light and funny but after reading its ending, I’m happy to stay away from it 🙂
    Seriously, what was the point….I hate it when movies change their tone mid-way and move in an entirely different direction….

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