Weekly News Update: October 20, 2013 to October 26, 2013


  • The casting for the Prime Minister and I is almost complete.  Lee Bum-soo (History of the Salaryman) and Yoona (Love Rain) have both confirmed for the main leads. Lee Beom-soo plays the 40-year-old prime minister and single father of three whose household is in utter disarray, while Yoon-ah plays the 28-year old reporter. Yoon Shi Yoon (Flower Boy Next Door) who plays Yoona’s first love and they grew up together in the orphanage. He is currently the Chief of Staff of the prime minister; and Chae Jung-ahn (When A Man Loves) plays the prime minister’s university hoobae and has been his closest assistant and confidante since his assemblyman days. Ryu Jin (Standby) plays the villain as well as Lee Bum Soo’s brother-in-law and the Minister of Strategy and Finance. Finally, Lee Min Ho (Rooftop Prince) plays the colleague of Yoona.  Prime Minister and I will follow Mi-rae’s Choice on Mondays and Tuesdays and premieres in December.
  • Han Ye-seul (Myung-wol the Spy) is ready to return to television with a drama in the works called Shooting Star. She’s reportedly considering for now, and news about the drama itself remains vague. Shooting Star is rumored to be slated for a March broadcast on MBC. Officially, MBC says nothing is decided. It would explain the production’s eagerness to sign Han Ye-seul, if getting a big named attached will score them that timeslot.


  • Park Shin Hye (Heirs)Go Soo (of Golden Empire), and Han Suk Gyu (Tree with Deep Roots) are confirmed to appear in a new film called The Auspicious Ones. It revolves around a Joseon Dynasty king and the craftsmen who design his elaborate robes. The men play rival clothes makers, where Han plays the best craftsman of his time who used to be the previous king’s dressmaker, and has been in the palace since childhood. However he finds himself in stiff competition with Go Soo, who’s a natural prodigy. Go Soo’s character is said to receive some encouragement from the cool, frosty queen, played by Park Shin Hye. The film will be produced by Silk Road (Werewolf Boy) and will be directed by Lee Won Suk (Men: An Operating Manual). The film is currently entering pre-production and plans to start filming next spring.
  • Joo-won (Good Doctor) is considering Fashion King which is based on a webtoon. It is the same source material which Yoo Ah In’s 2012 drama used. The adaptations diverge significantly with vastly different setups and character descriptions. The movie centers around an ordinary high school boy with a crush on a pretty girl in his class, and in order to appeal to her he decides to transform himself into a stylish hottie. Fashion King will be directed by Oh Ki-hwan of The Art of Seduction and hopes to release in April 2014.

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