Gift of Room 7 Impressions


Lots of parental goodness! 


Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Good-Great


Summary: Yong Gu was wrongly accused for murdering the Police Commisioner’s daughter. His inmates help bring his daughter Ye Sung inside. When the Warden finds out about this, chaos in the prison breaks lose. The second half focuses on how the inmates could help get free Yong Gu.image

Thoughts: Ye Sung is a precocious child whose only joy is to see her mentally retarded father. Their interactions are so cute and endearing that it immediately melts your heart. It’s so nice how the inmates even the Chief later on helps the plight of this father-daughter pair. There’s nothing spectacular about this movie but all the emotions were there and it was able to deliver it properly. The story was good only because of the beautiful father-daughter relationship in it. I felt that the writer just wrote around the concept. The acting prowess and directing really help smooth out the leaps of logic in the script.


Rating: 8/10



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