Temperature of Love/ Very Ordinary Couple Impressions


Just your ordinary couple. 


Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Bad-Middling


Summary: Young and Dong Hee are co-workers who secretly dated and recently broke up. They had a huge fights which revealed their relationship.They unconsciously keep thinking about each other and even spying on each other’s new lover. They have a lingering affections for each and this prompts them to get back together.

Thoughts: There’s nothing special about this movie but I guess that’s the point it’s trying to get across. Couples fall in love, break up, and the process repeats. The message is not limited to those who were once together because finding new love is also a part of life. It’s just sad how the main couple treat their break-up as a forgettable memory since they’ve grown so accustomed to it. Does their relationship even count? They’ve been going through the motions of falling for each other and breaking up due to routine. Is that really normal? To be honest, this movie was not my cup of tea. I understand that people get too attached with what’s comfortable but they should realize later on that they should begin to let go and start anew. What I only appreciate about the movie was the nice OST and the reality TV approach. We got to see how exactly each character feels about what is happening in real time.  

Rating: 6/10



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