Mid-Point Thoughts on Mi Rae’s Choice/ Marry Him If You Dare

I like Marry Him If You Dare but I want to like it even more though. It has a lot of potential that it isn’t living up to. At this mid-way mark of the drama, things are shaky and can go either way. This is not a review but rather a commentary section that highlights my personal speculations which other blogs didn’t discuss yet. 

The strength of this drama are the characters. But somehow episodes 7 and 8 made the flaws of the characters too aggravating to support any of them. I didn’t enjoy last week’s episodes except for the few points I will be discussing later. What really needs to stop is Ahjumma’s constant meddling. It’s get annoying and predictable. It would have been okay if she uses different tactics and reflect on each after but its always been a linear push Mi Rae to Se Joo. There should be more action or plot than just messing with our leads.

I was pleasantly surprised that Ahjumma revealed her real identity to Oppa on her own volition. I was wondering when that twist would come out. There’s no better person to help her out with her troubles. Plus he won’t get creeped out by the fact she calls him Oppa even if she’s way older than him. I felt that slip of tongue (if you can even call it that) was rather careless of her. She needs to protect her identity yet she blatantly exposes herself.

Personally, the aging rule isn’t as effective. The consequences of changing the past should be much harsher. It would be cooler if Ahjumma’s memory started changing. What happened in the original timeline plays out differently in her head. But of course, this is something ala Queen In Hyun’s Man and would leave very minimal originality. Well the solution to our problem is the bumbling time police officer who keeps following her around. If he poses more of a threat I’m sure Ahjumma’s fears and hopefully character will get fleshed out since there’s that urgency of time.

I always suspect the reason why she’s angry at Shin is not because she became poor. She first met and screamed at Shin for being a murderer. It’s his unyielding personality that indirectly killed someone precious to her. My personal guess is her Oppa. The way she clings to him even trying to force him to let her stay in the house. She also calls him Oppa with such loving emphasis. These are probably subtle signs to clue us in that it was he who died. I know there was speculation it could be their child in the future but there was never a mention that they even conceived one. On the other hand, we see Oppa’s character on screen and have grown rather fond of him. If he gets dies sometime in the future, then the viewers would probably end up feeling sad and understand Ahjumma’s plight. There’s this sense of guilt I feel as well. Ahjumma feels guilt because Oppa was against her marriage with Kim Shin in the original timeline. It was her fault for not listening to him.

But let’s not forget the way the narrative flowed in episode 3. Then part towards the end when it was implied the one Shin murdered was Mi Rae. I like how we were threading upon Ahjumma’s jadedness. That would mean she her previous choices culminated into who she is. She didn’t want to admit that and placed all the blame on Shin. She probably thought that she could change her situation if she had more money. Because money solves everything right? I think the downfall of Ahjumma is not realizing it is her who needs to grow. Just because life is hard, she whines about it and tries escape that reality by changing things instead of sucking it up and living the harsh truth like a grown-up should.

I know this wasn’t a major stand-out moment but Mi Rae was contemplating what the food restaurant owner told her that by 40 she left the industry because she was not considered an A-list writer and they would rather get younger ones with fresh ideas. It gives Mi Rae the dilemma of pushing for her dream that might not even come true or give up. I feel that Ahjumma was faced with something similar except she chose to give up. Because if she didn’t give up, she would be a stronger person who wouldn’t need to go back to the past, right? How I wish Mi Rae stands up to her more and more and be that catalyst to change her future self. Just as what Ahjumma did for her. Right now Mi Rae has no presence for the audience. She lets the other characters dictate who she is. I want her to be an active force is changing the second half.

Moving on to the other parts, I found it too convenient that Miranda accepted Mi Rae with just a single meeting. She does not fit the chaebol world and I always thought Miranda cared about image and status too much. Its either 1) writing inconsistency 2) forces herself to believe what a “fortune teller” says all the time or 3) plans to make a fool of Mi Rae later on. I’m totally on board with number 3 just so Ahjumma realizes the implications of what she is getting herself into in the future. There will always be unhappiness regardless whether you are rich or poor. But then again, Mi Rae might have to be forced a transformation ( YES PLEASE!!!) if she’s forced to become the one for Se Joo.

As for our leads, there a few things I want to see. For Yoo Kyung to figure out why Ahjumma is pushing her away from Se Joo. She is the biggest obstacle in getting Se Joo’s heart since she’s trying to bring Mi Rae and Se Joo together. I highly doubt this would happen but Yoo Kyung has sharp senses. It would be fun to see her play detective. For Se Joo, not to become an ass when he returns to his original position. I’m scared that he’s slowly turning into typical evil and selfish second male lead. I really want him to realize that not just anyone can deal with a chaebol and see that Yoo Kyung is really meant for him. Finally for Shin to admit and fight for Mi Rae. I really didn’t like how episode 8 ended with a potential kiss. It looks like its going to hot but more importantly the context seem out of place. I hope its not a way to get ratings. Please. I wish its just Shin staring at her intently and say there’s something in her face. Both turn away and blush instead. Heee.

Ok this post managed to be longer than I intended. I feel bad for not being able to cover this in depth but I have no time right now so this will have to do for now.


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