Weekly News Update: November 17, 2013 to November 23, 2013


Kim So-yeon (Two Weeks), Sung Joon (Gu Family Book) and Namgoong Min (Unemployed Romance) are headlining I Need Romance 3. Kim So-yeon playing a 33-year-old fashion marketing director of a home shopping company. Her love interests will be Sung Joon as a genius songwriter who heals the heroine’s heart while Namgoong Min as the heroine’s work sunbae and mentor, a workaholic perfectionist who does whatever it takes to meet his goals. He’s a smooth, refined romantic, but inwardly he doesn’t really believe in love. Wang Ji-won (Good Doctor) will play his other love interest, a model-turned-stylist who is both the heroine’s friend and constant rival in the workplace. She’s uninhibited, honest, and always true to her emotions, and though she’s had a line of guys waiting to date her since her school days, Namgoong Min will be the first man she genuinely loves. Yoon Seung-ah (Empire of Gold) is also considering a role as a rookie at Kim So-yeon’s company. I Need Romance Season 3 will air Mondays-Tuesdays on tvN, and will follow Basketball in January.


KBS made the official announcement today for the cast of 1 Night 2 Days’ third season new member will be Kim Joo-hyuk (Gu-am Heo Jun) and singer Jung Joon-young, and Defconn. The other previously reported castings such as SHINee idol Min-ho and singer John Park dropped the show. Even Rose Motel guitarist Yook Joong-won has cancelled at the last minute, stating that he’s going to focus on his band activities instead.  has received the offer, saying that while he is considering it, nothing has been decided. The newbies will begin shoots on the 22nd. Season 3′s first episode will air on December 1.


Kim Woo-bin (Heirs) and Lee Hyun-woo (Coverty, Grandly) are currently being courted to star in a new heist movie called The Professionals by Trinity Entertainment. The project is still really early in the development stage. The new movie comes from director Kim Hong-sun (The Traffickers) and is casting now and plans to start shooting early next year.


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