2014 Dream Drama Pairings

Since there haven’t been anything posts lately because the Winter drama premieres don’t come out this week yet, I write this earlier. I did this early in year and it was pretty fun. Too bad none of whom I wanted actually got paired together but at least they all got some projects. 


Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min

They’ve both been in the industry together for the past decade yet they never had a project together. Lee Jun Ki mentioned in an interview that he would love to work with Han Ji Min at least once. I personally think it’s a great idea since they have the same star power and lots of chemistry!

Lee Jong Seok and Park Bo Young

These two are one of the more popular faces of their generation. They both have this sharp  and fierce look that blend well together.

Jo Jung Seok and Moon Chae Won

Both are amazing actors and have this cute dorky side to them.

Jung Kyung Ho and Go Joon Hee

They’re not as famous as the other leads mentioned but they can do comedy and heavy drama stuff. They also look amazing together. Imagine what kind of chemistry they’ll have.


Kim Bum and Im Joo Eun

Kim Bum is obviously the more popular one but I really want Im Joo Eun to succeed. She’s been wasted in so many of her projects lately. I have a feeling someone with more star power might help her out. I love their edgy vibes, it totally reminds me of what Kim Bum had with Jung Eun Ji.

Kang Min Hyuk and Ha Yeon Seo

These two are young and fresh. They actually have lots of acting potential that has yet to be harnessed. Not to mention, they have cute smiles.

Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Da Hee

This is probably a breakout year for both. They’ve gotten more roles compared to the last few years.

Yeon Woo Jin and Jung So Min

I like both actors especially since they can actually act. Both are versatile and can do comedy and serious fare. Too bad, they’re not as known and given the best projects.


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