Weekly News Update: December 1, 2013 to December 7, 2013


  • Kim Jae-wook (Who Are You) has been added as second lead for Inspiring Generation.
  • His character is described only as an art and music lover with refined taste and intelligence. Inspiring Generation premieres on January 15.
  • Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice) is considering a medical drama called Doctor Stranger and it’s being shopped at SBS for a possible spring broadcast to follow Warm Words. The series is being produced by PD Jin Hyuk of City Hunter and Master’s Sun, and writer Park Jin-woo of Conspiracy in the Court. The drama is about a North Korean doctor who defects and ends up in the South, and it tells the story of his life as a stranger in a foreign land. If he signs on, Lee Jong-seok will headline as the titular defector doctor. Doctor Stranger is angling for a March broadcast on SBS.
  • After Choi Min gets into an accident in the set of You From Another Star, Park Hae Jin replaces him and Shin Sang Rok (Three Dads and A Mom) takes over Park Hae Jin’s role.


  • Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994) and  Lee Kwang-soo (Goddess of Fire Jeongi) are both up for a new movie titled Good Friends. Both sides have confirmed receiving offers and are considering favorably. There are actually three friends at the center of the film, which means one role is still open. In the movie, the trio have been tight friends since their school days, and the film follows them as they act upon good intentions to help each other… but in doing so get caught up in crime.The film plans to begin filming at the end of December.
  • Lee Min-ki (Temperature of Love) will be doing a noir film titled For the Emperor with  Park Sung-woong (New World) and Lee Tae-im (The Punisher). The plot starts with Lee Min-ki as a former baseball player who gets caught game-fixing and loses everything. The role promises to show his tough, masculine side, while Park Sung-woong lends a hand to Lee Min-ki once he’s hit rock bottom and homeless but brings him into his circle of organized crime. The titular Emperor is a reference to that gang, which rules the underworld of loan sharks and gambling, and Park is its boss. Meanwhile, Lee Tae-im plays the bar owner who’ll romance Lee Min-ki. For the Emperor, which is produced by the company who gave us Ajusshi and The Snowpiercer, Opus Pictures, will begin filming in early December and plans to release sometime next year.
  • Song Hye-gyo (That Winter, The Wind Blows) and Kang Dong-won (Psychic) are starring in Dugeun Dugeun My Life (dugeun is the sound of a heartbeat, like thump-thump) as a once-teenage parents who now face losing their teenage son. They were sixteen when Song Hye-gyo’s character became pregnant. Their son was born with progeria, a genetic condition that causes rapid aging. Fast-forward to seventeen years later, when the parents are in their early thirties and their son looks older than them, and faces death at just seventeen. Directing is Lee Jae-yong of Actresses. Dugeun Dugeun My Life plans to start shooting early next year for a 2014 release.
  • Kim Haneul is being courted in Forget Me Not. In the short, a man calls the police to report his own disappearance. He finds himself alone in an apartment and has no memory of who he is or why he’s there, and no clues to point him toward an identity. When he steps out, he runs across a woman who seems to know him, but when he tries to get closer, she disappears. Forget Me Not plans to start shooting early in the new year.

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