The Prime Minister and I

I’m in for a good rom-com. Wasn’t initially interested because of the huge age gap between the leads but the cast looks so winsome, that I can’t help but check this one out.

KBS’s upcoming drama Prime Minister and I is a romantic comedy about a single-father prime minister getting into a reluctant contract marriage with a paparazzi who moves in the official residences along with his and his children’s hearts. What happens instead is that in dogging him so relentlessly, she ends up mistaken as his girlfriend. And once compromising pictures get leaked, they enter into a contract relationship to preserve the prime minister’s image, which escalates into a contract marriage.  The project is being produced by SM C&C. At the helm are the PD of Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek and the writers of My Fair Lady. Prime Minister and I will follow Mi-rae’s Choice on KBS, premiering in December 9.


Lee Beom-soo (IRIS 2) He plays Kwon Yul, the handsome 40-year-old prime minister and single father of three whose household is in utter disarray. Even though he’s the nation’s youngest prime minister, a whip-smart politician who never misses a beat, he’s a terrible father. He was widowed eight years ago and raises the kids on his own but he’s workaholic perfectionist personality makes him rigid in everything he does. His character is described as always saying the right thing but in the most aggravating way possible.

Yoona (Love Rain) She plays a Nam Da Jung, a 28-year-old tabloid reporter who used to dream of writing like Jane Austen someday. She’s the only daughter to a father with Alzheimer’s, and to earn the money for him to be cared for at a nursing center, so she becomes a third-rate paparazzo to pay the bills, and then one day gets the assignment to cover the story of the prime minister’s love life. She enters into a contract relationship to preserve the prime minister’s image, which escalates into a contract marriage. She ends up helping save his family and wins his heart in the process. She is described as bumbling, unpolished, hapless with everything but she’ll turn out to be great in the one area of life he fails at.

Yoon Shi-yoon (Flower Boy Next Door) He plyas the prime minister’s aide/chief of staff, a member of the top 1% elite civil servants in the country, with a sharp brain and perfect looks to boot. He was Yoona’s first love and they grew up together in the orphanage.

Chae Jung-ahn (When A Man Loves)  She plays Seo Hye Joo, the prime minister’s public relations officer. She used to be his university hoobae and has been his closest assistant and confidante since his assemblyman days. She’ll also offer up some romantic competition as the other leg of the love triangle.

Ryu Jin (Standby) He plays Park Joon Ki, the prime minister’s brother-in-law and political rival. He is the ambitious minister of strategy and finance who is sometimes able to jab at the prime minister’s weaknesses. It’s a particularly complicated rivalry because he was once tight friends with Kwon Yul, close enough to have introduced him to his sister. The couple married but after she died, he wrestles with complicated feelings of blame and resentment toward his brother-in-law. And then Ryu Jin finds out that his first love (Chae Jung-ahn) is in love with his buddy, which adds a new angle to their relationship.

Lee Min-ho (Sword and Flower). He plays Park Hee Chul, a hungry reporter who’s always chasing that next feature

The prime minister’s three children are named Woo-ri, Nara, Man-seh









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