Miss Korea (Korean Drama) UPDATED

I’m really looking forward to this because the concept is really refreshing. I love how this is a period drama, which usually delivers. I’m hoping this will be a break-through role for Lee Yoon Hee. She’s such a pretty girl who everyone unfairly judges. She tries, I can see her improve role after role.

Miss Korea is the drama about a group of friends who band together to turn a local girl into Miss Korea to save a crumbling cosmetics company, set right before the 1997 IMF financial crisis hit South Korea with such force. The group is made up of old high school classmates, and their Miss Korea hopeful was once a legendary queen bee.

The drama, which comes from the Pasta and Golden Time producing team, will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning December 18 on MBC.


Lee Seon-kyun (Golden Time) He plays Kim Hyung Joon who leads a group of former schoolmates in turning Lee Yeon Hee into Miss Korea to save their flagging cosmetics business.


Lee Yeon-hee (Gu Family Book) She was once the most popular girl in high school, but now works as an elevator girl in a fancy department store. She is the eldest unni of the crew. In the evening, she turns into a party animal. It looks like her best days are in her past as she struggles to scrape until a group of former schoolmates decide to groom her to be the next Miss Korea.


Lee Ki-woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) He plays Lee Yoon, macho businessman trying to elbow Hyung Joon out of his company. He is a shark with corporate takeovers and is also a considered a lady-killer.

Lee Sung-min (Golden Time) He plays Teacher Jung, one of the members of Team Beauty Queen.

Lee Mi Sook (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) She plays Ma Ae Ri, the owner of a beauty shop that’s known unofficially as Pageant Academy, and has a history of styling and training Miss Korea winners.

Song Sun Mi (Cruel Palace) She plays Go Hwa Jung, one of the cosmetic company employees

Go Sung Hee. She plays Kim Jae Hee, rival contestant.

Hong Ji Min (Golden Time). She plays Yang Chun Ja, the owner of a hair salon and will form a rival with Ma Ae Ri, another hair salon owner and a beauty queen-maker.

Kim Ye Won (Standby) She plays Lee Young Sun, Ji Young’s best friend who also works in the same company.

Yoo Eun Ho (I Need Romance 2012) She plays Jung Eun Ah, a close friend of Ji Young.

Kang Tae Oh. He plays Kang Sang-seok, son of Ae Ri. He is a immature young man who likes partying and women.









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