You From Another Star

I’ve been anticipating this drama ever since it was announced! This is the first time I have watched all four leads in something prior, not to mention I love all of them. But of course, KIm Soo Hyun is the reason why I decided to watch this in the first place! ❤

The drama follows the life of an alien who crash-lands on Earth in 1609 Joseon (Gwanghae’s reign) and decides to stick around for 400 years.  In the present day he  finally found his true love and the existence of the alien on Earth will be gradually exposed. The drama will be about the man and woman who are literally from two different planets, overcoming their intergalactic differences to make a romance work. The tone is described as cheery and heartwarming. Their romance grows from living together.

This new rom-com project from the writer Park Ji-eun (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly) and the PD Jang Tae-woo (Tree With Deep Roots). Man From Another Star follows Heirs and premieres in December 18 on SBS.


Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly Grandly) He plays Do Min Joon, an alien who landed in Joeson and has lived on Earth for the past 404 years. After 404 years living among humans, his youthful and perfect appearance remains unchanged. He has formed a cynical view of human beings after being told that love between men and women results are curiosity, jealousy, sex, possession, affection and loyalty. He possesses otherworldly strengths, such as enhanced vision, hearing, speed, and other physical abilities. He can also see what will happen to a person in the near future. However, he hides his abilities thoroughly and never uses them in front of anyone. He tries to remain undetected until the day he leaves the Earth. He is currently a university professor who has fallen for Song Yi.

Jeon Ji-hyun (The Berlin File). She plays Chun Song Yi, a 27-year old top actress with a diva complex and terrible personality. She’s especially demanding when it comes to her fiancé, who mostly gets dragged around like her puppy.

She was once the nation’s fairy, and now she is the goddess of the Korean wave. In one word, she is a star. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, she was always on film sets, so she has never had any real schooling thereby skipping the world of children. But instead she had to learn the world of the adults too early. So she doesn’t have much common sense. She doesn’t have friends either. She has family… but it’s almost as if she doesn’t. She has a lot of people around her but strictly speaking, she is completely alone. But whatever. It doesn’t matter. A star is allowed to be a little rude here and there as long as she shines beautifully alone. Then one day. From the very top, Song Yi completely falls down without even a time for a surprised gasp.


Yoo Inna (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin). She plays Yoo Se Mi, a Harvard graduate announcer and comes from a family of prominent lawyers. She is favorable to anyone and the ideal prospective bride. She’s never lost first place a single day in her life when it came to her schoolwork. She’s been Song Yi’s rival since junior high and they’ll have a competitive frenemy relationship through adulthood. She is jealous and resentful of her ever since she lost her first love, Hwi Kyung  to her when they were teenagers. She is confident that Song Yi has nothing based on their households and intellectual standards but she falls behind because of looks.


Park Hae-jin (My Daughter Seo-young) He plays Lee Hwi Kyung, a 29-year old second-generation chaebol who’s engaged to Chun Yi. He just joined as a new employee but his position is not so different from a director.  He’s endlessly determined to win Chun Yi’s love anyway and sets up grand gestures and schemes left and right, but ends up the perennial second best.  He loves her but she has no feelings for him and could care less about him. He fell in love in his first sight to Song Yi back in middle school. He pestered his father and made her to the company’s advertisement model. She did not even thank him but he pledged to himself that one day, he’ll definitely make that rude girl to kneel down before him. However, he miserably realized that the wealthy one isn’t the one on the top but the one that loves the less is. He thinks he can change the situation once they’re married.

Shin Song Rok (Three Dads One Mom). He plays Lee Jae Kyung, Hwi Kyung’s older brother, the more proper second-generation chaebol who leads the family company. He’ll be a mysterious character, who seems perfect in every way on the outside, but leads two different lives between day and night.

Jo Seung Hyeon (Who Are You). He plays Chun Song Jae, Song Yi’s younger brother in high school.

Lee Il-hwa (Answer Me 1994) She plays Han San Young, Se Mi’s mother.

Kim Chang-wan (Good Doctor) He plays Jang Young Rok, Min Joon’s lawyer friend who knows the truth about Min Joon and helps manufacture his identity.

Eom Hyo Seop (Two Weeks) He plays Chun Min Koo, Song Yi’s father.

Na Young-hee (Good Doctor) She plays Yang Mi Yeon, Song Yi’s mother.

Jo Hee-bong (Good Doctor) He plays the prosecutor who starts to suspect that Min Joon isn’t who he says he is and starts to investigate him.

Kim Hyun Soo (Good Doctor) She plays younger Song Yi.












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