Weekly News Update: December 15, 2013 to December 21, 2013


Yoon Kye-sang is currently in negotiations for conventional melodrama Full Sun. The plot is about how the female main character accidentally kills a man, then falls in love with that man’s girlfriend. This will be brought to us by PD Bae Kyung-soo of Wild Romance and writer Heo Sung-hye who penned All About My WifeFull Sun will follow Prime Minister and I and premieres February 10.


  • Yoo Yeon-seok (Answer Me 1994) is raking in the movie offers apparently, because he’s scored 3 movies. The first is Secret Temptation, opposite Im Soo-jung (All About My Wife). He stars as Im Soo-jung’s lover who sends her to seduce a wealthy man, played by Lee Kyung-young (Hwa-yi) in a dangerous power game. Secret Temptation starts shooting early in the new year.
  • The second is The Informant, opposite Park Hae-il (Aging Family). The film is about Hwang Woo-suk, the biotech professor of Seoul University who infamously fabricated experiments in stem-cell research and purported to have successfully cloned human embryonic stem cells, only to be discovered as a complete fraud. He is up for the role of the titular informant, the person who discovers the professor’s fraudulent activities and becomes the key to proving the case against him. The Informant is still casting and plans to start shooting early next year.
  • The third is Tailor, a Joseon-era historical film about gifted royal tailors who only makes robes for the royal family. He has been cast to play Park Shin-hye (Heirs)’s king.
  • Himalaya lost Lee Min-ki and Kim Myung-min because of production troubles.
  • Kim Rae-won (My Little Hero) joins Lee Min-ho for Gangnam Blues as the friend who becomes the greatest rival. The movie is the next project from director Yoo Ha of Once Upon A Time in High Schooland Dirty CarnivalGangnam Blues starts shooting early next year for a 2014 release.
  • Go Soo (Empire of Gold) and Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor ) are being paired for The Day Min-woo Arrives which is part of a larger project known as Beautiful 2014 grouping four shorts. Director Kang Je-kyu is both writing and directing this project, which follows the life of a man separated from his beloved in the North-South division. The film follows the man in the sixty years afterward, as well as the woman who has waited for him through all that time, showcasing a stirring story of longing and love. The Day Min-woo Arrives will begin filming in mid-January and will then be released in April.

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