You From Another Star First Impressions

Kim Soo Hyun is finally back on my tv screen!

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling-Good

Summary: It begins with Min Joon’s narration on his life on Earth. Song Yi gets a lot of public criticism for not going to her classes in the university. To do damage control, she goes to the class taught by Min Joon. Her reps tell her to get close to him since its a class she failed but the problem is that she rudely greeted him the day before. It shifts to Song Yi’s fail documentary where she gets humiliated several times. She drinks up her problems and stumbles in Min Joon’s house next door.  He finds a picture of Song Yi in her teenage years and he looks like the girl he met in his Joeson years. He confronts her about it the following day.

Thoughts: It was a rather disappointing start for me since I was anticipating this drama. It was a serviceable watch at best until the ending of episode 2. That was the scene that first sparked my interest. There are some zippy humor and meta commentaries but those aren’t what stick to me. What I personally loved is Min Joon’s character description as a cynical alien. I see that being portrayed although by a rather stiff performance from Kim Soo Hyun. His eyes do show the emotion but the rest of the body doesn’t convey the acting gravita he is capable of. We’ll see, he might be just warming up to his character. I really don’t like Song Yi as a character but Jeon Ji Hyun plays her with such bravado that I have to praise her for it. The second leads practically have no importance for now. But they have interesting intertwining relationships worth looking into later on.

I have not qualms about the cast but I do have for the story and directing. What I’m most bothered about in the storyline is that w’re dealing with reincarnation of your one true love. They may look the same but they are entirely different people. So what exactly draws Min Joon to Song Yi, if she’s a totally different person? I hope the drama will explain it to us well. As for the directing, I really hate the quality. The camera used either flush away the colors or overexpose the characters. It’s quite unflattering. Well even with these weakness, it manages to be a ratings hit.

Initial Rating: 7/10


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