Gin no Saji 2 First Impressions


Some things never change…. or maybe it will? 

Expectations: High

Verdict: Great!


Summary: The school year is almost ending. Finals and sports competition are on their way. The Equistarian Club chose their next officers and surprisingly Hachiken becomes the vice president. On his way back to the dorms, he sees Mikage crying in front of Komaba. This leads him to think there’s something between them. It ends with Komaba winning his baseball game.


Thoughts: Best pilot episode I’ve seen this Winter. Probably because it already established the set-up back in the Summer and it can go straight to main plot. It was great it started out with some good laughs because of Hachiken’s wrong perception. It slowly built up the seriousness and angst. The pacing and execution is just right. One of the highlights of the show for when Hachiken was chosen as vice president. The reason for that is nicely ties it back to the first season. I love how we see that Hachiken has changed and grown. He’s still cynical but is not willing to say no and help others. Hachiken complicates his life but thinking too much about what’s happening to everyone but that’s what makes him such a good guy.


Initial Rating: 9.5/10



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