Noragami First Impressions


My schedule is really tight but I tried to make time for what Winter has to offer. The first show I was anticipating is off to a solid start.


Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Good


Summary: Mr. Yato is a minor god who loses his Sacred Treasure, a binding partnership he needs to fight. Mr. Yato later gets “saved” by Hiyori from a bus accident. She recuperates in the hospital and Mr. Yato introduces himself as a god before her and erases her memory as he leaves. She sees a photo of a missing cat, which triggers her memory. She manages to get her soul out of her body and fight alongside with Mr. Yato. She later finds out the truth of what has become of her.


Thoughts: This anime is fantastic. It starts out strong with everything that is classic BONES. Although I wouldn’t say I’m hooked just yet. The story set-up is pretty good with two amazing seiyuus giving a wonderful delivery.  I’m more curious as to what direction this anime is headed. There are lots of fodder for conflict, angst and growth that we should all watch out for.


Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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