Full Sun First Impressions

It’s been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been meaning to post something new and I’ve finally had the time to do so since I’m in graduation limbo (mini-break before grad rites). The lush cinematography of this drama is very enticing. I got hooked to the teasers and decided to pick it up. With this drama, will the KBS Mon-Tues block finally get the ratings they want?

Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Good

Summary: It backtracks to 5 years before when Young Won and her fiancée Woo Jin are preparing for wedding even though her family opposes their marriage. Both of them leave for Thailand for the Jewelry Fair. Woo Jin has his diamonds for Young Won checked by the jewelry evaluators and realizes that they switch it with counterfeit diamonds. Se Ro also arrives in Thailand, but clueless that his father is still a con man. Not knowing that all this was happening, Young Won changes the rubies of Bella La Fair to the counterfeit diamonds, which ultimately leads her to lose the competition. Se Ro finds Woo Jin in one of the rooms and he frees him but Woo Jin gets shot and dies. Se Ro is led away by Jae In and finds out his father, Don Joon got into an accident. Kang Jae trades the diamond in exchange for money and Se Ro brings that huge amount to the hospital. He gets questioned and tries to cover up the fact his father committed theft once more. Unfortunately, Daddy Han uses that to implicate him as the criminal. Young Won doesn’t believe the accusation that he stole the diamonds. She apologizes for disgracing the country and vows to remember Jung Se Ro. Meanwhile, Se Ro vows to find out why he was framed. 5 years later, he gets released early and studies to become a gemstone dealer.


Thoughts: I really love the cinematography even though it looks dull and washed out compared to the teasers. It has this gritty and solemn feel to it. Although, I considered the pilot episodes rather dry and overly emotional. Because of that, it was difficult to appreciate the set-up. Nevertheless, they were able to establish the character’s background and struggles well. Se Ro’s transition from the nice and principled guy to a more vengeful person is quite interesting. I’m just worried about Young Won though. She was written with lots of spunk initially but she looks dead and distant to the world. Not to mention, too much mopey tears involved. It would be great if she joins Se Ro in their quest of finding the truth and then maybe having a passionate love affair in between (?) Anyway, this drama is definitely a slow burner. You gradually get sucked into the darkness its beginning to unravel. Let’s see if it can maintain that in the later episodes.


Initial Rating: 7/10




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