Sly and Single Again First Impressions

Since I’m in a mood for some cute rom-com, why not try this?

Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Good

Summary: It begins with how Ae Ra and Jung Woo met. In their early days of marriage, Jung Woo suddenly quit his job as a civil servant to pursue a risky business venture. Ae Ra had to work several jobs and they still couldn’t pay their rent and debts. 3 years later after the divorce, she finds out that Jung Woo became a successful businessman. Meanwhile, Jung Woo is still bitter about how cold Ae Ra was to him towards the end. Ae Ra joins the divorce-reality show, Jjak and believes she’s dating the dermatologist… only to find out she was tricked. Feeling bad, she gets herself drunk to overhear a terrible rumor about herself and ends up fighting the guys who said it. Jung Woo had to appear in the jail to clear her name and it was the first time they met in years. He leaves and reminisces the bad times.  She later recalls how cold Jung Woo has become to her. He sends her a text to meet up since he wanted to hand in “late” consolation money. This angers her and she storms out. We then get introduced to Seung Hyun who is quite close to Jung Woo. It was because of him that he got close to Kook family who funded on Jung Woo’s venture. Ae Ra’s oppa handed the alimony (or what’s left of it) to Ae Ra who realizes that she has to comply with the argeement Jung Woo had. She mets up with him and he coldly whispers to her to leave his life.

Thoughts: I enjoyed myself even though there were some details that I rather not have (such as the satire Jjak since it felt out of place even though it was well-written). The drama had breezy pacing and interesting interactions between our divorce leads. I love the introspective approach this drama takes since it shows us how the characters are affected by the events that just happened. The pathetic life that Ae Ra is living is all her doing. I initially believed she was going to be a gold-digger, I’m so glad she didn’t turn out that way. She’s just receiving all the bad karma she deserved. She never realized how much she hurt Jung Woo until it was done to her. You empathize with her story yet she has so much flaws that make her character much more endearing. Joo Sang Wook is well casted. He has such an innocent smile that makes him look so honorable and respectable but his anger is seeping out in the edges. I wonder how long his anger will remain. The two second leads are rather flat and contrived for me at the moment but its good that they’re intertwined with our couple so closely. It makes for a more complicated (and maybe hilarious) mess. Looking forward to what seems like a solid rom-com 😀

Initial Rating: 8.25/10


2 thoughts on “Sly and Single Again First Impressions

  1. I enjoyed the first two episodes…I like that we have flawed leads and both are at fault for their failed marriage….
    She did try to support but then not enough…maybe there will be more reasons for her to cave in after 4 years’ struggle…and he forgot everything for his work…
    overall it is enjoyable and breezy (which I didn’t expect as I thought it’s gonna be slapstick and cheesy!)

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