Spring Anime Preview 2014

Spring has come once more! 🙂 Looks like we’re in for an interesting season as some old favorite make a return. 

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Akuma no Riddle

Sunao Minakata, Diomedea, Akuma no Riddle, Newtype Illustration Calendar 2014, Hare Ichinose

  • Genre: Action, School, Yuri
  • Producer: Diomeda
  • TV Station: MBS
  • Director: Keizou Kusakawa
  • Writer: Kiyoko Yoshimura
  • Will start in April 4, 2014
  • Number of episode: TBA
Summary: The story is set at Myoujou Academy, a private girls’ boarding school. The 10th year’s Kurogumi class has 12 assassins with their sights on one target, Haru Ichinose. Tokaku Azuma is a recent transfer student who is also targeting Ichinose, but she gradually develops feelings for Ichinose.
Thoughts: I’m still hesitant to watch this because it’s a yuri anime. But the plot of having fellow assassins aka enemies fall each other has lots of angst involved which is something I’m intrigued.


Baby Steps

  • Genre: Sports
  • Producer: Studio Pierrot
  • TV Station: NHK-E
  • Director: Murata Masahiko
  • Writer: Chiba Katsuhiko
  • Will start in April 5, 2014
  • Number of episode: 25
Summary: Maruo Eiitirou (E-Chan), a first year honor student, one day decides he’s unhappy with the way things are and lacks excerise. He finds a flyer for the Tennis Club and decides check it out. He’s instantly captivated by it. With no prior experience and poor physical conditioning, join E-Chan as he embarks on a tennis journey using his smarts, dedication and work ethic.
Thoughts: I love sports animes! There’s something about the hardwork and team dynamics that makes it timeless and endearing. This is based on an old manga, which has captivated lots of people young and old.

Preview: None available

Date a Live Second Season

  • Genre: Comedy, Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi
  • Producer: AIC Plus+
  • TV Station: Tokyo MX
  • Director: Tamura Kotarou
  • Writer: Akao Deko
  • Will start in April 12, 2014
  • Number of episode: TBA
Summary: Second season of TV anime Date A Live.
Thoughts: The first season of this anime exceeded all expectations for it. I’m in for another round of laughs.


Fairy Tail 2014

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
  • Producer: A-1 Pictures/ Bridges
  • TV Station: Tokyo TV
  • Director: Ishihara Shinji
  • Writer: Sogo Masashi
  • Will start in April 2014
  • Number of episode: TBA
Summary: The 2014 reboot of Fairy Tail.

Set in an imaginary world, the Earth Land, there exists a Mage Guild called “Fairy Tail”. Fairy Tail is stationed in the town Magnolia, residing in the Kingdom of Fiore, and is currently governed by Makarov, Guild’s master.

Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old girl, wishes to become a full-fledged mage and join one of the most prestigious Mage Guilds in the world, Fairy Tail.

One day, out of pure coincidence, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a boy who is transportation-sick, but very cheerful in nature. However, the thing she does not know is that Natsu is the closest connection to Fairy Tail, as he is a Mage in Fairy Tail.

Thoughts: I didn’t expect the return to come so soon. I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more years. To be honest, I thought this was going to be a reboot since the animation looks different. I missed the old version, the new one looks so CGI-enhanced and has that annoying 3-D dimension to it. Well I sill I’m not sure if we’re gonna start where we left off or we begin from the beginning again. But Fairy Tail is still a must watch!

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Seinen, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
  • Producer: ARMS
  • TV Station: Tokyo MX
  • Director: Imaizumi Kenichi
  • Writer: Kitajima Yukonori
  • Will start in April 6, 2014
  • Number of episode: TBA
Summary: The original manga revolves around high school boy Ryōta Murakami, who cannot forget his female childhood friend whom he let die in an accident. Feeling that he must fulfill their promise of proving the existence of aliens, he has continuously looked up at the sky as a member of the astronomy club. One day, a girl named Neko Kuroha who looks exactly like his childhood friend appears as a transfer student. It turns out that she is a magic-user that has run away from a research lab.
Thoughts: Deja vu? It reminds me of Ano Hana but with a much darker tone. I’m curious as to how these feelings of mourning and regret would play out.


Isshuukan Friends

  • Genre: School
  • Producer: Brains Base
  • TV Station: Tokyo MX
  • Director: Iwasaki Tarou
  • Writer: Suga Shoutarou
  • Will start in April 6, 2014
  • Number of episode: TBA
Summary: The story of the manga revolves around Yuki, a boy who wants to become friends with his classmate and desk neighbor Kaori. However, she gently declines his friendship, saying, “But, my… Memories of my friends disappear in a week…” Even so, Yūki wants to become her friend, and so the two become friends over and over again as the weeks pass.
Thoughts: This is the type of anime Brains Base does best. I’m expecting a quiet yet poignant tale that will surely touch our heartstrings.

Mushishi Zoku Shou

  • Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Producer: Artland
  • TV Station: Tokyo MX
  • Director:  Nagaham Hiroshi
  • Writer:  Nagaham Hiroshi
  • Will start in April 4, 2014
  • Number of episode: Two cours
Summary: Second season of Mushishi
Thoughts: Ahhhh, another great anime of 2007. The first season was reflective and interesting with all those different youkai adventures. This anime couldn’t have come at a better time.
Preview: None available


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