Fairy Tail (2014) First Impressions

So happy to have this anime back on my weekends. Now there’s always something good to look forward to. 

Expectations: High

Verdict: Good

Summary: It starts out with an intense fiery sequence with Lucy and Natsu against the dragons. Fairy Tail is resting up in a pub and preparing for the next part of the Grand Magic Games. Meanwhile Sabertooth isn’t handling the lost properly as their master punishes Sting and Rogue. Later, Gajeel bring Wendy and Natsu underground with Lucy and Gray following. They discover a dragon graveyeard, which Wendy uses a spell that awakens the Zirconus, the Jade Dragon who explains the origin of Dragon Slayers. It ends with another of Charlotte’s premonitions.


Thoughts: Lovely opening by BoA. Such a fitting song! The anime starts out with such a dark and serious tone, which is a stark difference from the usual fun. I’m glad the change in animation isn’t as drastic like I thought it would. It’s just the colors are bit more dull and lighter. I knew ending the anime in the middle of the arc was a wrong move. It would have been nice to have a slight recap narration to show some continuity from the last season. It feels weird to start directly in the middle. I’m just glad it wasn’t too action-packed that would have made it difficult to follow. It seems like this arc’s focus would be centered on Zeref, the Eclipse project, and Acnologia which are pretty meaty stuff to look forward to. Can’t wait *U*

Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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