Mushishi Zoku Shou First Impressions


The return of a classic.


Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Good-Great


Summary: A man made his son deliver sake and it lessened by the time it got to the seller. His father was not surprised and knew of the existence of the spirits (mushi) who drank it. He dreamt of making the shining sake that they liked. His son was able to finally make it later on. As he was travelling, he bumps into Ginko and a group of people. He pretends to be a mushishi to blend in. This people ask him for sake, which they used for a ritual. Apparently the sake he made was fake and everyone was after it. The sake has mushi called Smuitsutuou in it. Ginko suggests what he does with the sake after.


Thoughts: There’s something magical with Mushishi as it draws you back to its familiar pace immediately. It was an poignant, quiet, reflective episode that makes you immersed in the moment. There’s nothing much to say but the feeling you get after is most satisfying. It’s great to see how Artland will most likely have a good season considering they haven’t had a big hit in quite awhile. Looking forward to greater things from this anime!


Initial Rating: 9/10



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