Baby Steps First Impressions

A promising sports anime indeed! 


Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: Ei-kun, an honor student who is too precise. Natsu, the cutest girl in their grade borrows and ruins an original copy of Ei-kun’s notes. He decides to try out the free trial of the tennis club and sees Natsu playing well against another strong opponent. He goes through the brutal warm-up and wants to go home. He bumps into Natsu and finds out she wants to go pro tennis.


Thoughts: The storyline is more like those of a decade ago but nevertheless it looks like the content will be still applicable until now. I love how Ei-kun will be discovering his deeper passion and how he’ll get off his safe track. He seems to be going for what’s right and practical without realizing he’s not living his youth to the fullest.


Initial Rating: 8/10




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