Isshuukan Friends First Impressions


Spring must loves quaint anime this season. We’re given so much of that lovely theme as reflected in their current line-up.


Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Good-Great


Summary: Hase asks if he can be friends with Fujiyama and was rejected. He wanted to talk to her because he noticed she was always alone. He asks Shogo what it means and he says it’s best to ask her. He goes and finds her in the rooftop where she leaves as soon as she sees him. He goes to the rooftop again and she tells him she absolutely can’t make friends but she relents when asked to eat lunch the next day. Except he came in late because he had to talk to Inoue-sensei about his low math grades. They eat lunch and learn more about each other. The same happens the next day. On Friday, she again says they can’t be friends. She admits that every week her good memories with her friends will reset on Monday.


Thoughts: This soulful and mellow anime is what Brains Base does best. I like the bright pastel watercolor-like palette they used. This was an uneventful (aside from the big reveal) but good episode. It’s hard to explain why but you just get absorbed into the story.


Initial Rating: 9/10


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