Date A Live 2 First Impressions

File:10001408 605616256183176 2487556016536481857 n.jpg



Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Low-Middling

 File:1549493 605615699516565 2875249010361610611 n.jpg

Summary: Shido wakes up from an explosion which Touka and ice storm Yoshino caused. The army was discussing how Origami will be handled until Mr. Westcott comes in, leaving her with a two-month suspension. She meets up with Shido after. She suspects he’s a spirit. Touka bumps into the both of them and gets upset. Kotari makes Shido begin his date with Touka to avoid her anxiety rising up to cause a spatial earthquake. He gives her favorite kinako bread, only to think it’s a sign that Shido will leave her due to a drama. A spatial earthquake does begin but Shido manages to find Touka and stabilize the spirit path through a kiss to clear the misunderstanding. It ends with Mr. Westcott and Ellen, the greatest wizard go over Touka’s file. On the rooftop, Kurumi does a spell to split herself and mentions th first spirit.

File:Tohka Shido.jpg

Thoughts: This was a very flat and boring episode. It’s nice that the first scene was parallel to that of the first season but the rest of the show with the ecchi and comedy were poorly timed. It was too obvious. We’ve got new characters who look like villains to complicate the plot. It seems like Shido’s identity will be put into question. I think the suspicion of him being a spirit is actually good material but seeing how they handled the pilot episode, not too sure if they can execute the rest properly…. which is a bummer. Maybe I’m expecting more from this just because I got pleasantly surprised with the first season.

File:10167973 605616406183161 5536184443037084935 n.jpg

Initial Rating: 5.5 /10



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