You’re All Surrounded First Impressions

Good start for Spring 2014 dramas! 

Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Good


Summary: Intense chase scene ensues leading up to the criminals getting cornered. Then it cuts to a flashback to 11 years when Uh Soo Sun argues with Shim Hye Ji. Kim Jin Yong steps in to defend Hye Ji but fails since the squabble turns into a big cat fight. He later does a stunt in the broadcast room for Hye Ji which Soo Sun takes the fall for. Frustrated, Soo Sun confronts Jin Yong. The two get into each other’s nerves until she said his mother was a mistress. In the evening, he tries to get an answer from his mother to no avail. Officer Seo Pan Seok goes to Ji Yong’s mother to convince her to testify for Ga Won’s case but she does not budge because she was threatened. After a heart to hear talk with Jin Yong, his mother gathers the courage to testify but she ends up getting murdered in front of Jin Yong. He was upset that Pan Seok didn’t keep his promise and hides in school. The killer finds him because he has the pendant, an important clue to the case and goes after him. He manages to escape and put together the clues he has. He realizes Pan Seok might be a part of the reason for his mother’s death. He decided to join the police force to find out the truth. Back to the present, the newbies introduce themselves. Jin Yong changes his name to Eun Dae Ga. The aftermath of the chase scene leads Pan Seok to convince them to quit. Eun Do partners the team. Dae Ga and Soo Sun were in-charge of transferring the suspect but loses him. Pan Seok gets really angry. The next day, there’s a new case regarding a gold digger. They go undercover in the club to find her except they create a huge fight. Pan Seok reprimands them once more. It ends with two phones ringing.

Thoughts: It was good to expect great things from it because it delivered it. What stood out the most was the wonderful editing, which provided the seamless transition between broad comedy and drama. Well that’s background music aside, which doesn’t always mesh with the scene. The plot is quite compelling with the backstory offering two conflicts which shows the two trajectory that our leads have undergone in the past 11 years. Really love the bromance of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi, it’s hilarious how they head butt with each other. Can’t wait to see more of it.

Initial Rating: 8.5/10

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