Flower Grandpa Investigative Team First Impressions

Cute police drama. Makes me want to do a comparison post with You’re All Surrounded later on 😛 

Expectations: Indifferent

Verdict: Good


Summary: A group of selected aces— or troublemakers is formed to conduct a special investigation. A profile of each is given. The team is mobilized due to a murder. The group decides solve the case without the team director’s help. They infiltrate a base to discover two young people turned into elders trapped in a cage of water. They attempt to free them from the chains but instead got turned to old people due to the water. They compromise with the chief to continue investigating as long there are no leaks. The three who turned into grandpas struggle doing their daily routines. Jung Woo finds a suspect, Myung Joo which they all go to as a lead of the incident. Joo Hyuk realizes the timed message that the victim left behind. They follow the car leading to the “son” of Myung Joo, who gets killed in the end.

Thoughts: This is loads of fun and laughter! It’s a really easy-watch, making you enjoy and relax after a tiring week. I love that there’s actually a mystery to solve where the clues just compounds and leads you to the unfolding of a bigger picture. Not much to say really but I thoroughly find the whole drama amusing. Looks like it has lots of potential to be a sleeper.


Initial Rating: 8.75/10


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