Trot Lovers First Impression

Definitely enjoying this musical number! 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good

Summary: Chun Hee was a former marathon runner whose dreams were crushed. That’s why she was so angry that famous Joon Hyun got a medal even he made a double finish the race for him. This incident was hinted in a TV show, which led to another confrontation between the two. Chun Hee’s luck turns bad when she loses her job and the debt collectors come. She finds out that she got laid off because of Joon Hyun. She finds him in the Korean Hotel to kick his butt. Instead, she had to quietly escape the hotel with him because of the lurking tabloid reporters. Unfortunately, the reporters were able to snap scandal shots of Joon Hyun and he eventually lost all his fans. President Jo gave him a chance to comeback if he can turn his first love’s daughter, Chun Hee into a singer. They have to get there the hard way by going through a televised audition.

Thoughts: The drama was off to a rocky start with the low ratings but I thought the execution was pretty decent with lots of room for improvement. The premise isn’t new but this show manages to deliver because of its comedy. I think the editing should be commended. The musical performances were so cute and lively. Definitely one of this show’s highlights. I enjoyed myself because we’ve got interesting characters to root for. I super love the debt collector ahjussi-s! They seem so rough but are adorably supportive. The only thing that needs to be worked on is the chemistry between Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be enough OTP love once the two grow more comfortable working with each other.

Initial Rating: 8.75/10


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