Joeson Gunman First Impressions

Definitely 2014’s drama crack! Anyone who isn’t watching this show yet should. You’re missing out on something amazinggggggg! 

Expectations: High

Verdict: GREAT!


Summary: The gunman has slain 3 of the noblemen, which has the palace in uproar. Useless son of Head Palace Guard, Yoon Kang bumps into cross-dressing scholar, Soo In and gets into a confrontation about leads to the gunman. The gunman tries to shoot Chief Park but instead a chase scene ensues. Chief Park brings his family to Lord Jung’s for safety. Yoon Kang bumps into the scholar again and later figures out his identity. He teases Soo In over it. The two try to bring the book to

Thoughts: This drama is pure love and perfection! The anticipation was worth it. It has a lovely mix of everything and does not allow one aspect to overpower the other. It’s definitely enjoyable as I found myself fully invested immediately. I was grinning with the wonderful chemistry between the leads and was biting my nails with all the suspense with the gunman assassination. The seamless transition between these two emotions has to be attributed to the deft direction and editing. The characters are all wonderful and memorable. It helps that the acting elevates how interesting they are more. It was a light watch but at the same time, there’s just so much content you can talk about later on. It’s great how it doesn’t rely on cheap machinations to move the plot. Everything is interconnected and leaves room for more to come. Ahhhh, I want to see the next episode already. Now if only there were more episodes in a week.

Initial Rating: 10/10


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