I’m a girl who you can’t box up in a single world.

I love exploring the world.

Trying to find out new things about myself.

Deconstructing concepts and ideas.

Beneath the vague and abstract description (which I just felt like writing since it sounded nice) are the quirks you need to know about me:

I love to chill and relax by watching dramas and animes. My history started out when I used to watch animes on television way back in 2002. But it was only in December 2007, the middle of my sophomore year in high school did I get exposed to the anime world care of crunchyroll. Since then, I’ve watched countless titles. I got bored and disappointed with anime around 2011 and shifted to dramas as per recommendation of a friend. Since then, I maintained a balance for both.

I’m current taking a pre-med course. So there are times when I’ll be busy and not be able to update this blog.


If you have any questions or request, feel free to contact me at: observant_eyes9@yahoo.com.ph

I also have a crunchyroll account, if you guys want to talk to me there.


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