Author’s Note

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting stuff lately. It’s because I don’t have the time anymore to update this site. I’m preparing for med school, which entails giving up korean drama and anime. Sadly. I’ll still write from time to time if something good comes along but don’t expect anything too soon. The amount of shows I’m watching now has drastically decreased. Anyway, if you guys are curious about my life, I made a new blog about my med journey! Check it out if you want 🙂


Drama and Anime Bites Update

This is just to formally announce that I will not do a drama bites section after Bridal Mask. Initially, I was going to continue it with the upcoming Nice Guybut writing a comprehensive post about a drama is taxing. I don’t know how recappers even manage to write out a detailed scene by scene post. There’s a lot of things I’m busy with life and I can’t afford to spare it for blogging. Well for now, I’ll be shifting to anime bites. There’s a lot of interesting Fall shows (which will be released in my preview sometime soon). I haven’t decided which one I’ll be writing my thoughts on but it’ll most likely be Shin Sekai YoriPsycho-Pass or even Zetsuen no Tempest. This highly dependent on what I see on the first and second episode though. But the titles I mentioned has a noir side to it, which are the best shows to cover any day. So there, I hope you understand.

Three Week Hiatus

I feel bad to be announcing this just as I was starting to update the blog. I really don’t have any time to spare at the moment since finals is just around the corner. I’m swapped with an exam almost EVERY single day. 😐 Please understand. Rest assure, I’ll be back with the weekly news update afterwards. I’ll still post the rest of the Forgotten Flames one-shots but that’s about it.

>>> M O V E D <<<

Hi everyone! You might know me from my previous blog, I recently transferred here, hoping to start anew. This blog is still under construction, which I plan to finish before April.

I decided to make a new blog— a blog of my own. I don’t want to be just limited to dramas and anime. I felt that I should challenge myself to do more. Plus, there are already established blogs that are better to check out for those kinds of things. It’s hard for me to compete with them since I’m busy practically all the time. This is my way of differentiating my blog with the rest.

So what’s different here?

The News. It will be compiled and brought to you weekly.  If it’s a drama that I’m interested in, you’ll probably see a more through post for it.

Mini Recaps! I’ve been planning to do recaps for some time, but I just can’t give something detailed due to time constraints. So my solution is this watered-down version, which basically contains the synopsis, my thoughts and a few screenshots of the episode.

Stories. Yes, I’m a wishful writer. I’ll be posting some of my works, which I hope isn’t too shabby. Be my constructive critic! I’m open to anything you’ve got to say to make my works better.

Food for the Thought. Believe it or not, there are moments where I just feel like philosophizing and reflecting on life. These are just random thoughts and conversations I have with people who inspire and make me think.

I hope you’ll like the new changes coming your way! 🙂