2014 Dream Drama Pairings

Since there haven’t been anything posts lately because the Winter drama premieres don’t come out this week yet, I write this earlier. I did this early in year and it was pretty fun. Too bad none of whom I wanted actually got paired together but at least they all got some projects.  Continue reading


Kim Soo Hyun in Fall 2013 Magazine Spreads

I miss Kim Soo Hyun’s presence of my screen even though there’s barely a month left before You From Another Star premieres. As I mentioned, really busy due to this major exam but seeing him looking so fine is good motivation. I selected my favorite poses with his dreamy gaze. Hope you all enjoy them! Continue reading

Chihayafuru Freebies

It’s been awhile since I made freebies so I decided to use one of my new favorite animes, Chihayafuru! Here’s Guardian Enzo’s series review, which summarizes my exact same sentiments on the beauty of this anime.

This first banner is suppose to emphasize how the two guys are looking at Chihaya and how kurata brings them closer to her. The cherry blossom adds to the overall effect, a symbolism of young love.

Hahaha, I actually used the same hand from the previous photo! But this banner is basically the beauty of kurata.