2013 Year-End Korean Drama Review

I knew 2013 wouldn’t hold it’s ground after what might have been a relatively good year. I was bored with most of the dramas this year. While some of them were interesting, it was only in the beginning. They could never sustained me until the end. I’m just glad they are some gems worth keeping though. Well, here’s to hoping for a better 2014.  Continue reading


2012 Year-End Anime Review

So this is my first ever year-end review for anime so hopefully you’ll like it as much as my drama review. Continue reading

2012 Year-End Drama Review

2012 is the year that marks my first active year of watching dramas. I started out in October 2011 so I know there are a lot of things I still need to learn about dramaland. I came in with high expectations after seeing various praises for a certain actor or writer, only to have my hopes burned. I don’t think 2012 was a great year. I fell in love and quickly fell out of love with dramas. I think that says a lot. There was just too much saeguks particularly fantasy time-travelling ones that I’m beginning to lose interest in the genre. There was also a lack of a solid rom-com drama. Please, don’t take my negative criticisms to heart. This was an honest outlook on the dramas what I have watched.  Continue reading