Drama Ratings

The rated dramas are only the series that I finished watching completely (or at least 90%). I am following the system taken from dramabeans. The first number is HOW MUCH I ENJOYED IT while the second one is HOW I OBJECTIVELY RATE IT. Both are out of a scale of 10.


Beautiful Life (2000)

Despite the predictable end, it was a beautifully emotional piece. It’s got the nice pacing that I like with animes. (9/9)

Kaseifu no Mita (2011)

A very endearing story as a family tries to move on with the death of the mother.  So much conflicting issues that are slowly unfolded. In short, good acting and story.  (8/8)

Nobuta wo Produce (2005)

Three unlikely people you wouldn’t expect to get together for a producing project. It’s an endearing friendship battle enabling the growth of each. (7/7)

Orange Days (2004)

Truly a classic. The warmth beneath each experience of happiness and pain was plain captivating. (8/8)

Shokuzai (2012)

  Atonement story that attempts to be suspenseful and creepy. A twisted end that leaves you wondering what was the point of it all. (4/6)


Battle Royale (2000)

Jarring and badass how the students face their demise. (8/7)

High School Debut (2011)

Predictable, overt-the-top cheeziness and irritating characters. Junpei Mizobata’s good looks were the only saving grace from this hot mess. (2/2)

Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2010)

Unique and refreshing use of time travel, definitely a different take from the animated version. Quite draggy and nothing stands out except its climatic scene. (4/5)


49 Days (2011)

There was flaws in transition but it was a compelling story that interconnects all the characters. The concept was unique and plain brilliant. (8/8)

Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (2010)

One of the most overrated dramas ever. Unique concept for focusing on bread but messily executed. Rocky start but redeems itself in the later episodes. (6/6)

Bad Family (2006)

A hilarious story how dysfunctional family tries to become a real one. (7/8)

The Best Lee Soon Shin (2013)

It had shaky plots and a frustrating tendency to linger longest on things we didn’t care about. But it did manage to hit the get the cute OTP moments and emotional payoffs right. (6/3)

Big (2012)

Great premise but annoying conventions and character focus drowned it. Gong Yoo was great, too bad the rest of the drama sucked. (8/6)

Brain (2011)

Great potential for a dark series but was wasted due to the bumpy middle. Nevertheless, the build up near the ending was quite satisfying that it made up for the flaws. (5/6)

Can’t Lose (2011)

An earnest story about a couple who broke up and find love once more.  Very relatable and enjoyable scenes from the misunderstandings, break-up, jealously and reconciliation even though it sometimes felt like an endless tug-of-war. (7/7)

The Chaser (2012)

Gripping political thriller portrayed by an amazing yet underrated set of actors. Although I didn’t like the story as much I thought I would. (6/8)

City Hall (2009)

Such brilliance! A fun combination of slapstick comedy and intrigue on the political scene. Bad beginning but you’ll forget that as soon as the plot picks up.  (8/9)

City Hunter (2011)

Great balance between romance, revenge, deception and action despite some flaws. Amazing directing and storytelling that’ll make crave for more! (8/9)

Coffee Prince (2007)

Wonderful pacing and sound plot. Amazing portrayal of raw human emotion. It definitely deserves its popularity! (7/9)

Cruel City (2013)

Absolute drama crack. Gritty noir with lots of grey areas, twists and surprises that keeps you on edge the whole time. (10/10)

Dream High (2011)

Showcase of idols still green in acting. Nevertheless the relatable themes of chasing of dreams and competitive hopes really get to you. (8/7)

East of Eden (2008-09)

Great story of a family’s revenge. The angst and conflict will move you to support their plight. Best adult storyline and OST I’ve seen despite inconsistent acting and slow, repetitive developments (8/6)

Emergency Couple (2014)

Best medical drama ever. Does not overplay the cases or politics but allow these to let the characters grow. Poignant, light-hearted and reflective of today’s medical and divorce reality. (10/9)

The Equator Man (2012)

Tensions between best friends turned enemies raises the stakes. Best when watching banked since the slow pacing might bore you. (6/6)

Fermentation Family (2011)

Heartwarming and light family tone. One of the most adorable OTP. Love how the characters are tangled together through the subtle mysteries.  (7/7)

Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

Two lonely people whose growth brought the best in each other, if only the jarring flaws didn’t reveal itself (7/7)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

Eye-candies, funny and witty dialogues, charming characters, stand-out music and well directed. Nice use of heightened reality to bring out the purity of the theme. Although there are times when all these concepts are not stringed together neatly. (7/8)

Full Sun, also known as Beyond the Clouds (2014)

Gaksital, also known as Bridal Mask (2012)

National spirit as it’s best! Great juxtaposition of character and nail-biting action scenes you shouldn’t miss. (8/9)

Giant (2010)

Flawless long drama revolving on an intricate web of revenge. It will strike you with its powerful story and acting. It continues to haunt me until now. (9/9)

 Good Doctor (2013)

Fluffy hospital drama with awesome characters. I just wished they removed the terrible and boring hospital politics. (7/7)

Goongalso known as Princess Hours (2006)

A personal favorite. Good balance between romance and comedy in this modern Cinderella story. Something that will always make your mood better, no matter how man times you watch it. (10/8)

Gu Family Book (2013)

Beyond frustrating. The story was all over the place laying out obvious plot points to reach the most WTF ending. The acting and directing were a hit or miss depending which episode. (4/2)

History of a Salaryman (2012)

Hilariously outrageous. Quirky story on the modern conglomerate world. (8/6)

I Hear Your Voice (2013)

Cute noona-romance that show how each character learns from each other. Would have been better if the courtroom scenes didn’t take forever (8/8)

I Miss You (2012)

Terrible writing overpowered everything. Makjang overdrive as scenes were forced into the obvious ending. Characters morphed into weak beings. (5/3)

IRIS (2009)

Weak story-telling and development that makes the elements seem quite repetitive. Mediore action scenes, mediorce acting and wasted a good premise of a plot. Definitely not worth the hype. (4/4 )

King 2 Hearts (2012)

One of the best executed North-South Korea unification dramas there is. Although they should have spent less time on the heinous oddball criminal and more on what matter- the bickering couple Jae Ha and Hang Ah (7/8)

The King of Dramas (2012)

Almost perfect meta-take on drama production, only if the ending didn’t ruin it. (8/7)

 Killer K (2011)

Badass. Could have been fleshed out more if the series was longer.  But it’s definitely one chilling experience. (8/8)

Level 7 Civil Servant (2013)

It mocks you with complete child’s play. (2/2)

Love Rain (2012)

Wonderful cinematography and OSTs, and improved acting from the leads but those are not enough to keep you hooked in a very bland story (3/2)

Man of Honoralso known as Glory Jane (2011)

Unrealistic scenes and turbulent development, but somehow the cute chemistry from the lead couple and interesting secondary characters can’t make up for the mess this drama turned out. (5/4)

Mandate of Heaven, also known as Heaven’s Order/The Fugitive of Joeson (2013)

Underwhelming ratings for a very satisfying drama. Dull acting from the leads but the beautifully written characters, deft directing, and intense political intrigue make up for it. (7/7)

Me Too, Flower! (2011)

Great acting especially from Yoon Shi Yoon! Although even his acting can’t save the underrated status this drama deserved. (3/6)

Mi Rae’s Choice, also known as Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

Total waste of a plot. It started out great and underappreciated. In the end it resulted into plain annoying due to future Mi Rae’s meddling and second lead madness. (6/4)

Miss Korea (2013)

Solid drama from the beginning until the end. Endearing and uplifting as the characters connect and try to survive the 1997 financial crisis. (9/10)

Monstar (2013)

Ordinary high school students who seek solace in music and friendship. Moody and sincere with great song choices. (5/7)

The Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012)

Overuse of obvious metaphor and dragged out established sub-plots. Nevertheless the love triangle will stab you in the heart and make you forget those rough patches in the story. Best childhood portion as well!  (8/7)

Nice Guy, also known as Innocent Man (2012)

Far from perfect but it compounds how one bad choice leads to the other. Wonderful acting performance and directing. (8/8)

Nine: Nine Times Travel (2013)

Raised stakes and unexpected twists that leaves you clamoring for more. (9/9)

Ojakgyo Brothers (2011-2012)

Heartwarming family drama that will make you laugh and cry with each scene. (9/8)

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat (2011)

Exploration on the other side, with an amazing storytelling method. Too bad the story fell apart at the last minute. (7/7)

Personal Taste (2010)

Great use of mistaken gay identity. The story had good potential but was wasted due to bad directing and terrible flow of events (especially towards the end). Amazing and solid realistic characters, which were well-acted out by the lead cast. (7/6)

The Princess’ Man (2011)

A beautiful Romeo and Juliet story! Despite it being draggy at some parts, this drama will surely make you appreciate and love saeguks! Great acting from the ensemble cast, lovely costumes and set, great plot. (9/9)

Queen In-Hyun’s Man (2012)

Despite glaring imperfections, it’s an expertly woven time-travel story indeed. It uses style to enhance a story. There’s whimsical humor with sweet budding romance to top it off (8/8)

Reply 1997, also known as Answer Me 1997 (2012)

Timeless drama. It uses nostalgic references well. I felt like I was truly part of the six friends. I literally cried and laugh them all the way. (9/10)

Reply 1994, also known as Answer Me 1994 (2013)

Polarizing plot development due to the preservance of the husband. Awesome characters that would make you stay and allow your heart to laugh and cry. (8/7)

Resurrection (2005)

Mind-boggling mystery that connects all our characters in thread of fate. Wonderful performance by Uhm Tae Woong! The pain and redemption was worth it. (8/9)

The Rooftop Prince (2012)

Feel-good drama that went makjang along the way. Cute chemistry between the leads although the time travel concept wasn’t properly used. (7/5)

Save Your Last Dance (2004)

Good fusion of several clichés such as amnesia. Moving love story filled with pain and emotion that you’ll want to remember. (9/7)

School 2013 (2012)

Honest and compelling story on everyday struggles teachers and students of today face. (9/9)

Secret Garden (2010)

Different way of using the body exchange concept. Extremely funny scenes and unpredictable characters that will confuse and make you want to watch more. (7/7)

Shark (2013)

Intense although you are shrouded into brainless mystery. Carefully planned with the exception of a let-down ending. Beautiful OST and directing. (7/5)

Shut Up: Flower Boy  Band (2012)

“Rough in the edges but gets you in the heart.” (9/10)

Sly and Single Again, also known as Cunning Single Lady (2014)

Overly comical but lots of cute and fun. (8/6)

Story of a Man, also known as Slingshot (2009)

Constant struggle between light and dark. Tightly woven in all aspects of acting, directing and writing. But it’s not as good as the new dramas. (7/8)

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)

There were a few plot holes and boring introductions, regardless this is how I like Korean melo-angst to be. You surely wouldn’t want to miss a minute of this action-thriller filled with guns, amnesia and undercover operatives. (9/9)

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Beautiful melo visuals draws you in. But the incomprehensible plot, tiresome machinations and unlikable characters just plain suck.  (2/5)

Two Weeks (2013)

 Tae San’s emotional and dangerous journey of redemption and hope was the best thing this drama had to offer. The obvious ending threw me off since getting the how can get draggy compared to figuring out the what. (7/8)

What’s Up? (2011)

Too short to tie the loose ends, but the rich storyline that leaves you wanting for more. It’s about chasing your dreams with good music to come along. (9/9)

You’re Beautiful (2009)

Exaggerated scenes that will make you laugh. Nice use of metaphors. Adorable and fun characters that you’ll surely love. (7/8)

You’ve Fallen For Me, also known as Heartstrings (2011)

Reminds you of High School Musical. It has a light, young and soothing vibe but lacks a conflict to keep your interest. (6/5)

You From Another Star (2013)

Weird but good mix of the alien and mystery with many unique aspects. Warm and funny with an amazing cast to boot. (9/8)


A Werewolf Boy (2012)

Compelling and poignant story about two lonely people. (9/9)

Bow, The Ultimate Weapon (2011)

Fight and chase scenes got old quickly. Nonetheless, one of the best cinematography ever and great acting despite the limited dialogues. (4/7)

Chilling Romance, also known as Spellbound (2011)

Great premise that lacked all the emotions in it’s execution. Minimal chemistry between the leads. Lee Min Ki and Son Ye-Jin were utterly wasted. (4/5)

Covertly Grandly, also known as Secretly Greatly (2013)


This would have turned out better with a longer format. Great character and premise but weak ending and reasoning. (8/6)

Crucible (2011)

Reminds you of How to Kill A Mockingbird, but with a sexual abuse premise. Wonderful use with the deaf children. Definitely brings out the darkness of the theme. (8/8)

The Gift of Room 7, also known as Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)


Heartwarming story of how prison inmates become a makeshift family due to a father and daughter’s immense love for each other. You’ll be in for a lot of laughs and tears. (8/8)

The Jackal Is Coming (2012)

Boring as hell. Hostage taking dragged on too long. Worth only for the tiny twist in the end. (3/3)

I am King (2012)

Just another typical Prince and Pauper story but Joo Ji Hoon was hilarious though! (5/5)

Introduction to Architecture (2012)

Love at the wrong time. I guess it’s the same feeling I got with the movie.  (4/6)

The Man From Nowhere (2010)

Lack luster action filled graphic violence. The acting and symbolisms definitely saved this movie.  (5/7)

My Sassy Girl (2001)

Quirky rom-com with a different storytelling method. Despite the craziness, the essence was quite touching.  (7/8)

Old Boy (2003)

Crazy revenge fantasy thriller with an unexpected twist! (6/9)

Penny Pinching Romance (2011)

Money-making scheme that brings out the best in comedy and characterization of the characters. (9/9)

Speedy Scandal (2008)

Funny premise that really brings out the craziness in life. Top notch music, quality cinematography and great acting! What more could you ask for? (10/9)

Sunny (2011)

The upbeat colors, comical moments, music and cinematography will definitely keep you hooked. Smooth time skips that brings out the beautiful meaning hidden in this movie. (10/10)

Temperature of Love, also known as Very Ordinary Couple (2013)


Ordinary romance, nothing special. Serviceable at best. (5/6)

Temptation of the Wolves (2004)

Very misleading plot synopsis. The twists totally caught me off guard. The story could be better but it was too rushed. (7/9)

The Thieves (2012)

Action-blockbuster heist hyped by a powerhouse ensemble. Typical spy stuff with barely any substance plot. (6/6)

The Way Home, also known as Jibeuro (2002)

Touching story about a grandmother and her grandson. Practically no dialogue but nonetheless it got it’s message across (8/8)

Wedding Dress (2009)

Middling cinematography but nonetheless impressive and touching story. So Ra was really adorable, she’s such a perceptive kid that she stole my heart. (7/8)


Autumn’s Concerto (2009)

Fast-paced start but nevertheless a beautiful story with realistic characters. The emotion was well acted. Love how it goes through a full circle (8/9)

Fierce Wife (2010)

Although it can get unrealistic at times, it was a wonderful take on cheating issues in a marriage. Empowering emotions and decisions that will keep you hooked. (8/8)

Hanazakarino Kimitachichealso known as Hana Kimi (2006)

Extremely funny drama although the acting was over the top at times. Lost steam in the end which reduced my initial love for the drama. (6/6)

Romantic Princess (2007)

Such a cute, fun and feel good drama. It feels like your in a fairy tale. I love the couples so much! They are so adorable and have great personalities we can all learn from.  (7/6)


First Love (A Little Thing Called Love)

Sleeper hit because of adorable Mario Maurer for sure. Too bad it felt like a shallow first love story. All fluff, barely any substance. (3/4)


2 thoughts on “Drama Ratings

  1. Try watching the Japanese Version of Hana Kimi- You will LOVE LOVE it! It’s AWESOME good with that characteristic Japanese humor and the performances are also top notch! That is one of my favorite Jdramas to date! 😀

    • Ok I’ll put it on my ever so long watch list. Hahaha, you can check out my MDL for it, found on the Watch List tab. My priority Jdrama is One Liter of Tears, but will probably marathon that later this year.

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