4 thoughts on “Review Index

  1. No post on the upcoming lineup? I wanna know more about Bridal Mask, Big and I do I do! I’m eyeing these three (with focus on the first and last) as potential recap projects! 😉

    Waiting to hear from you! 🙂

    • Hahahaha that’s a tall order. I can’t do full recaps since I still depend on subs but I’ll try to do my best to make mini ones. ^^ My only problem is that I’m watching so much things so no time to insert writing. 😛

      • Hehe, I meant I’m gonna pick for recapping out of these three 😛 I’m favoriting Bridal Mask and I Do I Do, but I’m not sure how much my knowledge of Korean will hold in the former. If you really wanna take some project up sometime and not spend a lot of time recapping it, we could collaborate on it! That’ll take half the burden off my shoulders too! 😉

        Love the posts by the way! Thanks! ^^

      • I’m sorry if I misunderstood. But yay, we’re watching the same shows! I want to collaborate as well, but I have to pass for now. Just don’t have the time for it since the upcoming semester (starts on June 11) will be hell. If the load is lighter, I’ll definitely notify you.

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